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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

V.D. Hanson on Obama's folly...

Taken from the author's site;

Liberal columnists decrying the Obama administration’s supposed lack of partisan fortitude and eagerness for a nasty fight for healthcare seem oddly detached from reality. The opposition to Obamacare would have gone nowhere had the president offered a concise plan, had his team kept repeating four or five logical and easily understandable talking points, and had he prepared a few pat answers to the more controversial elements of the plan, from the public option to so-called “end of life” panels to treatment of illegal aliens and the real cost.

Instead, Obama and his advisers, in lazy fashion, outsourced the plan to the partisan left-wingers of the Democratic party who are key House chairs. They in turn offered up a 1,000-page legalese mess, which the administration’s key players never read, and which Obama arrogantly thought he could wing through in a few weeks with his “hope and change”/“trust me” cadences.

Once a few citizens at town halls started to call them on it, it quickly became clear not just that Obama’s healthcare reform was an effort to emulate in the long run the failed Canadian system, but far more importantly, that none of its defenders were able to explain, much less defend, the plan.

Now the problem is not just that health care is going down, but that in the process the administration has tarnished the blue-chip Obama brand, and we are in a sort of emperor-has-no-clothes moment. Take away the rhetoric and charisma, and this same absence of preparation, professional research, and focused public defense seems to apply to almost everything Obama has offered, from more stimulus and more deficit spending to cash for clunkers and cap and trade.

The likes of Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, and Nancy Pelosi, all according to their stations, demagogued the Iraq War and unfairly tarred Bush as some sort of satanic figure. But they succeeded, primarily because the Bush administration in response could not articulate what the aims in Iraq were, why they were worth the likely costs, and why decisions like disbanding the Iraqi army, at first pulling back from Fallujah, giving a reprieve to Sadr, etc. were mistakes and would not be repeated. The problem was not that Bush and Co. did not fight back sufficiently, but rather that they did not explain adequately to the American people why the people’s growing doubts about winning in Iraq were mistaken.

So liberals should not blame conservatives for opposing what they do not believe in and think is harmful for the country, or their own team in the White House for not waging a partisan defense (they in fact have, ad nauseam). Rather they should fault Obama himself for not offering a simple, understandable plan and for failing to explain and defend with clear language and logic something that really does seem “fishy” to the American people.

Strictly on a personal note, am I the only one thinking the opening an investigation of CIA interrogators is a red herring designed to draw attention away from the healthcare debate?


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Subvet, I don't know if you watch Glenn Beck, but he is having a week-long spe4cial investigating Obama's czars.

According to his program yesterday,Glenn says that Van Jones, one of Obama's newest czars, had a hand in writing the entire Stimulus Bill, and it was Van Jones (a communist radical with a prison record) who came up with the "cash for clunkers".

So, not only don't our elected officials read the bills before they vote on them, they don't even write them. ACORN and other leftist groups are involved with writing the health care bill.

Great country we live in, eh?

Subvet said...

Rev. Gregori, we don't watch the TV because of the filth on it. Just no getting around it and I'm speaking as a retired military man known for "crude, rude and socially unacceptable behavior".

But I've been listening to Beck on the radio the last two days and heard what you're referring to.

It's time to set term limits and vote the bastards out. Every damned one, no matter what their party affiliation. Let's try starting as close to scratch as possible.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I'm with you there.

sig94 said...

It's all misdirection. Look for further liberal mischief during the upsoming media circus of weeping and wailing. It's like getting raped while watching the Superbowl.

Vigilis said...

" I the only one thinking the opening an investigation of CIA interrogators is a red herring designed to draw attention away from the healthcare debate?"

Exactly right!

Remember when Henry Waxman recently called for a turnover of insurance company records to investigate their outrageous profits? That came as healthcare plan foes began to wonder why tort reform is NOT included in the plan's cost reduction formula. Then, our congressmen said malpractice legal fees were only a pittance. Hmmm!

Almost all insurance companies are public and must publish the requested data routinely. Law firms, on the otherhand, are private partnerships
and NEVER publish the fees they collect for medical torts or otherwise.

Speaking of Obama Green Employment Czar, Van Jones, he is a lawyer. Obama has now appointed 40 czars, about 2o times more than any other president, and he reportedly has at least 2 more to go. By the way, most of them are lawyers.

Here's a handy list of Obama czars:

Subvet said...

Sig94, "...It's like getting raped while watching the Superbowl..."

Well put!

Vigilis, I'm really starting to wonder if we'll survive the next three years and five months.

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