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Friday, July 24, 2009

Catholic Charities kisses ass, forgoes condemning abortion.

Found this at Catholic Culture;

Washington, Jul. 24, 2009 ( -

As President Obama presses for Congressional action on a sweeping health-care proposal that would include funding for abortion, the president of Catholic Charities USA has written to legislators urging them to "make comprehensive health care reform a top priority," without mentioning the heated debate over abortion coverage.

In his July 22 letter, Father Larry Snyder does not specifically mention the Obama health-care proposal. And he does remind lawmakers that a Catholic approach to health care would "address health needs at all stages of life, from conception to natural death." But the thrust of his letter is clearly favorable to the Obama proposal. And a time when pro-life organizations are working diligently to strip abortion funding from the initiative, Father Snyder does not address that concern.

"Catholic social teaching affirms that health care is a fundamental issue of human life and dignity," writes the head of Catholic Charities USA. He urges Congress to implement legislation that will "expand and strengthen Medicaid…cap out of pocket costs… address health disparities." Father Synder emphasizes the need for reform that will offer protection to those who are most vulnerable, provide help for populations currently underserved by health-care agencies, ensure coverage for racial minorities, extend protection to all legal immigrants, and emphasize prevention.

This is absolutely disgraceful. The fight against abortion should be foremost in all Catholic minds as this health care bill is debated and voted on. Anything less is the shirking of our duties. Period.

As it is, asshats like Catholic Charities (CC) leave the faithful of the Church twisting in the wind as CC kisses ass on this administration. There should be NO compromise, NO softpedaling on the issue. The establishment of a Culture of Life should be paramount.

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