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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

B.O.'s "pay czar"

It's all about class warfare. Demonize the "suits" and play on the envy of those who feel life is unfair (It is, so what? Get over it!). When the "suits" get worked over for every penny the government can get out of them less people are likely to complain.

I could be as wrong as a football bat but thats how it stacks up IMHO. Why should government get into the business of determining executive pay? From the sounds of things it's done with the justification that too may top executives at companies being bailed out are getting fatter off the taxpayer, the supposed scandal of AIG bonuses being cited. What crap.

As has been cited on numerous other sites, those bonuses amounted to less than one thousandth of any money received from the Feds. They were already promised as part of the contract for the executives involved. They also often constituted the ONLY form of payment received and it was conditional on the successful performance of the executive involved.

What a load of crap.

But using this as justification, the Obama camel noses it's way into the private sector's tent. So now We The People not only own auto companies against our will, we're also deciding when some schmoe is overpaid. But it isn't We The People at all, it's the self-serving fools of Foggy Bottom, many of whom has all the business sense of an eggplant.

Envy is repugnant, it does no good for anyone. That includes the one who envies and the one who is the target of it. Give it power and it accomplishes nothing but destruction.

Unfortunately this attitude of resenting the wealthy businessman isn't limited to the Oval Office, there's quite a bit of it in Congress also. And the twits on the Hill are just playing to the folk back home, so the problem is cultural. It's nationwide.

As I keep saying, B.O. is just the face for whats going on in this country. Even if he left office tomorrow the selfish blight upon our culture would continue.

And thats the word to describe it, selfish. "It's all about mememememememe." no matter if the focus is on executive pay, abortion, universal health care, the rise of militant Islamofascists, you name it, our selfish attitude drives the national response.

Abortion? Gotta have it because nobody wants to be punished with a baby for indulging their sexual appetites.

Health care? I want the best so I'll live as long as possible and nevermind if I've been responsible enough to provide for myself. DAMNIT, I'M ENTITLED!!

Pay? I deserve as much as any CEO, what's he got that I ain't? I mean besides the training, experience, knowledge and aptitude. (By the way, why aren't pro sports figures getting any heat about THEIR salaries? Something about "bread and circuses" keeps coming to mind here.)

The War in Iraq & Afghanistan? Don't bother me, I'm on my way to the mall. Too bad about the neighbor's kid getting shot but hey, everyone knows the military is just government workfare.

Our cultural mindset is too often completely self-centered. It will continue this way until we put the country back on the right path. This would be a path not trod in at least sixty years. It entails raising a whole new generation to value words like responsibility, integrity, patriotism, self-sacrifice.

Teaching them it's more important to have character than to be a character.

It'll take a long time to get it right.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

"As I keep saying, B.O. is just the face for whats going on in this country. Even if he left office tomorrow the selfish blight upon our culture would continue."

Not unless we stage a full blown revolution and put the traitors against a wall and put them out of our misery.

ABNPOPPA said...

Next thing you know he will be at my job limiting the minimum wage I can make. Maybe he will just take my check and let me work for free!!


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