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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A nutcase sabotages the prolife movement...

Found this on Drudge;

I've said it before, the battle lines are becoming more distinct and the rhetoric stronger. It doesn't get any stronger than this.

Those of us on the prolife side better suck it up and get ready for an increase in animosity and vitriol from the baby killers. One nut job like this acting on his own and the rest of us are vilified and denounced as murdering scum who want to enslave women while turning the clock of civilization backwards. If anyone has trouble believing that, consider how often the bombing of abortion clinics is brought up. Unless I'm wrong there have been a grand total of two clinics bombed (and that's two too many) and the last one was over ten years ago. Yet these acts are routinely cited to demonize prolifers.

It's because of incidents like this and their aftermath I refuse to have any prolife bumper stickers on my car. Not because I fear what anyone would do to me, but because my wife and our children routinely use that vehicle also.

Stand by folks, life is going to get REALLY interesting the next few decades!

UPDATE: Father Z has some very good comments about this over at his blog, here's a taste;
"...On this Pentecost Sunday remember that when the Apostles broke out of their room into the public square they did not go forth into safety or comfort. Filled with the Holy Spirit and focused on the mission Christ gave them, they went out with a clear identity into the public square at the risk of life and limb and nearly all of the Apostles died as martyrs."

The rest of his thoughts are here, I recommend a quick read for all concerned on this topic.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Subvet, I wonder, do we even have a few decades left?

Unfortunately, you are correct, with Obama overturning all of the antiabortion gains we have made, and now this, it will be a real uphill battle just to gain back what we had.

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