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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gay agenda rammed down parental throats...

When I read crap like this I wonder how long it will be before Texas starts to see the like of it. Folks, we're going down the tubes. At this rate we'll have a Congressional resolution apologizing to Sodom & Gomorrah for God's bigoted wrath. Wonder how they'll work reparations into it?

Alameda Unified School District board Alameda County, Calif., May 24, 2009 / 05:58 pm (CNA).- A California school district decision to mandate a new curriculum requiring children as young as five years old to be taught about homosexual and transgender communities has prompted significant protest from parents who charged that a "political agenda" is pressing age-inappropriate material upon their children. (No shit!)

The Unified School District in Alameda has proposed a curriculum with the stated intention of addressing bullying, respect and acceptance. The curriculum includes a 45-minute Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) lesson once a year from kindergarten through fifth grade. The kindergarten lesson will focus on the harm of teasing while the fifth graders will study sexual orientation stereotypes, Fox News reports. (Wonder how the LGBT folks got involved? My guess is they're actively participating in school district board meetings. Anyone not wanting their kids to be subjected to this needs to get out of the recliner, turn off the tube and hustle on down there too. It's the politically active groups that school administrations cave in to. Not doing the same will continue to bring insufficient reactive responses from parents. Being proactive is the name of the game. Goodbye American Idol! Having said that, I'll add it helps to record EVERYTHING. The rest of this story bears that out.)

Second grade course material includes a children’s book about homosexual penguins trying to create a family. The book is titled "And Tango Makes Three." (You. Have. To. Be. Shitting. Me.)

Protesting parents in Alameda, a suburb of San Francisco and Oakland, said the curriculum is definitely not age-appropriate and the issues are best learned at home. They were also angry they will not be allowed to keep their children out of the classes. (Hello! Someone is aggressively pushing an agenda.)

"I believe these children are far too young to be learning about what these issues mean," Alaina Stewart, an Alameda mother of three elementary school children, told Fox News. "These are adult issues and they are being thrust upon the children." (Yep. Second graders should be worried more about G.I. Joe action figures and Barbie dolls. Let the kids be kids.)

One father of schoolchildren charged that the policy would violate the First Amendment rights of those who don’t support homosexuality because of their religion. (Amen to that one. I'd hope they get someone along the lines of the Thomas More Law Center involved in this.)

Kirsten Vital, superintendent of the Alameda Unified School District, said students reported feeling bullied on LGBT issues. (How? Calling someone a "fag" maybe? A 45 minute presentation on LGBT issues along with schoolbooks like the one cited above is going overboard in addressing name calling. It's actually using the bullying topic as a cover for indoctrination of the kids. Wonder what side of the plate this superintendent swings from?)

"This work is in response to teachers asking for tools to combat name-calling and bullying at school," she told Fox News. (Like swatting mosquitoes by firing cannonballs at them.)

One parent named Michael Williams said he thought LGBT issues would come up anyway and that teachers should be prepared to help kids "respond appropriately." (Useful idiot.)

Another father named David, who asked that his last name be withheld, told Fox News an "overwhelming" majority of parents spoke against the LGBT instruction at one of the school board meetings, but their protests had little effect. (Go figure. So some were proactive and got shut down. I'd say it's trial lawyer time. Look for the ACLU to get involved.)

"The chairman of the school board repeatedly claimed to the audience that the curriculum is evenly supported and opposed," he said. "I am beginning to lose confidence of the board, as it seems to have a preconceived political agenda and [does] not truly represent their constituents’ opposition to the curriculum." (Ya think?)

Karen England, a spokeswoman for the conservative policy advocacy group Capitol Resource Institute, noted that there are five protected categories under anti-discrimination laws but the curriculum only focuses on sexual orientation. (I'm shocked, schocked I tell you to find there's an agenda at work here!)

She told Fox News she believes the curriculum committee purposely excluded religion. England suggested "an agenda is being pushed." (And I made my last comment before reading this. It's that painfully obvious.)

A May 21 report from the Capitol Resource Institute said that school board meetings had been packed with people and claimed 90 percent of those who spoke opposed the curriculum. The only speakers allowed during the Monday continuation of a May 12 meeting were those who had attended the first meeting. (Wonder why nobody taped the proceedings? Five gets you ten it isn't allowed. Bet the school board learned a lot from the Rodney King incident, especially the need to muzzle bad press.)

Saying that speakers were "courteous" and presented "well-reasoned, articulate opposition," the Capitol Resource Institute reported that hecklers "repeatedly booed and hissed when parents and students rose to express their opposition. (Who'd a thunk it?)

One man angry that he was not allowed to address the audience about his support for the homosexual schoolwork physically charged one woman presenter, forcing other men in the audience to come to her defense and forcibly remove the attacker. (Was he going to hit her with his purse?)

One father denounced the actions of homosexual advocates, saying "This bullying is taking place by the people you're asking me to entrust my children to!" (Hey Dad, think "homeschooling", think "Idaho" or "Texas". BTW, the weather is lovely here.)

He also said he had recently been labeled a bigot and a white supremacist for expressing his opposition to what he called social indoctrination. (First defense of liberal idiots.)

According to the Capitol Resource Institute, the few speakers who favored the curriculum repeatedly stated that the LGBT curriculum was "just a start" and "the first step" in teaching equality in classrooms. (Something to worry about if you're a parent dependent on public schools.) Some reportedly told the board that no parental opt-out should be allowed because the children of curriculum opponents were those who most needed the instruction.

Another speaker at the meeting, an Alameda principal and teacher for 45 years, said the curriculum would place teachers in a very difficult position. She expressed concern over the questions sexual classroom teaching would prompt in young children and was booed by supporters of the curriculum. (Hey what would she know anyway? All power to the (queer) people!)

The final vote on the curriculum will take place on the evening of Tuesday May 26. (That sucking sound you'll hear will be kids getting yanked out of Alameda public schools, asap.)

Seems even being proactive doesn't work sometimes. These parents were pushed off to the side and their wishes for their children disregarded, experienced educators who supported them were marginalized. Somebody had an agenda right from Jump Street and was going to bulldoze it through. I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut we'll see courtroom action of some sort over this one, especially in the unlikely event the curriculum gets voted down this Tuesday.

For those wishing to voice their opinions, I've a link to the Alameda Unified School District web page here:

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

How about all concerned parents showing up at their local school boards armed to the teeth and remove and replace all school board members right there on the spot. Then move on to their town, city, county and state legislatures and do likewise. Perhaps then, the federal government will get the picture.

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