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Saturday, April 11, 2009

VDH on the pirates...

Piratics [Victor Davis Hanson]

Three thoughts about the pirates:

1) Piracy may or may not be a matter of American national security, but the American people will not for long stand the notion that a captive brave American ship captain risks his life to escape, while formidable American naval power either cannot or will not punish the miscreants;

2) Pompey's victories over the Cilician pirates, the Venetian clean-up of the Mediterranean sea-lanes, and the British success in stopping Caribarrean piracy were all predicated on going ashore, destroying the docks, headquarters, and homes of the pirates. To end Somali piracy, disproportionate measures against the shore should be taken—for every one pirate assault, a lethal air assault should immediately follow.

3) In academic circles the last two decades, pirates have been romanticized in a variety of
contexts—as in pirates being contrarian individualists, admirable anarchists, Marxist redistributionists, sexually ambiguous, cross-dressing, transgendered libertines, and Lotus-eater-like sensualists, rather than as murderous criminals. Who knows, maybe such esoteric theorizing has filtered down to the U.S. State Department.

4) The Obamists better be careful in their serial apologetics, "Bush did it" throat-clearing, and caving to European, Russia, Turkish, etc. agendas. Slowly, but clearly we are establishing a new atmosphere in which the old unpredictability, military preparedness, and deterrence will be lost, replaced by a touchy-feely sort of seminar discussion, laced with atonement, reaction. And then the two-bit pirates who boast "We are not afraid of the Americans" will be the least of our problems.

My own theory about the present administration's failure to say ANYTHING about the pirates and their American hostage is that B.O. and Co. don't know whether to shit or go blind. They're waiting for someone to come and tell them what is the absolute foolproof response that will have zero negative political repercussions. This sort of thing isn't encountered by community organizers or state senators. Can you say, "clueless"?


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Clueless, or he has a clue and doesn't want to use it. I'm leaning towards the former.

Clownbama is trying to appease all sides, and that's first lesson in intellegence 101 you can't please everyone.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Obama lacks the necessary gonads to stand up to the enemies of America. Apparently, his commie/atheist mother and his grandmother feminized him in his formative years.

He wants to bow and scrape before our enemies and invite them all to dinner.

If anyone finds a extra set of balls lying around, please send them to Obama.

Amy said...

Oloser is worthless in office and will sit there with his head up his tail eating pizza as the next terrorist attack comes to American soil. He's worse in office than "I didn't do it" Clinton was.

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