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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sticking their noses where they damned well don't belong...

Found this via Spero News. I've heard the USCCB described as the Judas Iscariot Fan Club or the Democratic Party at prayer. Here's a great example why.

Bishop Howard J Hubbard, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), welcomed the Obama administration's decision to relax restrictions on Cuban-American travel and regulation in remittances to Cuba, saying that it is 'long overdue' and 'an important change in US policy towards Cuba.' (Since when do the bishops become foreign policy wonks? Hell, they won't even issue a statement regarding B.O. speaking at Notre Shame/Dame and THAT would be more their business than anything like this.)

In an April 15 letter to Daniel Restrepo, Senior Director of Western Hemisphere Affairs for the National Security Council, Bishop Hubbard wrote 'The USCCB has for many years called for relaxing the sanctions against Cuba. These policies have largely failed to promote greater freedom, democracy and respect for human rights in Cuba.' He added: 'Improving the lives of the Cuban people and encouraging human rights in Cuba will best be advanced through more rather than less contact between the Cuban and American people.' (It's worked so well in China, don't ya know.)

Bishop Hubbard also urged the Administration to build on the President's action and work with Congress to remove travel restrictions to Cuba for all Americans.

This pack of fools can't empty piss out of a boot that has the instructions upside down on the heel and THEY'RE giving advice on foreign policy? Give me a break!

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THIS is depressing!!
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