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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Control of the internet?

Here's the story;

It's another one of those "I can't believe this shit." pieces of news that I went to a few seperate sources to verify. It's the real deal folks.

IMHO nobody should be controlling the internet. Period.

Let me say that I doubt B.O. & Company would ever misuse this thing. He's being too closely watched right now and if he gets elected for a second term I'll eat this keyboard. So he'll not have the opportunity.

But as I've said before, he's a symptom of our times and not one solely owned by the political liberals in this country. Let this or something like it be ennacted and we're one step further down the road of giving up our freedoms. They can be given up to conservatives as well as liberals.

I often marvel at the development of personal computers and the internet. The War Department may one day strangle me for saying (again) it's as great as the introduction of Guttenberg's moveable type printing press. I believe it's that important.

For an idea of how it helps keep everyone honest and facilitates freedom of speech, remember "Rathergate" when Dan Rather happily pounced on a source that showed G.W. Bush had received undue favoritism while in the National Guard. Thanks to the geeks on the net it was quickly established the source was a fraud. The rest is history.

So paving the way for Big Brother to seize control of this information source is dead wrong, no matter how seemingly noble the motivation.

I don't know about anyone else, but prior to using the 'net I believed I must be an oddity for my outmoded and anachronistic beliefs. Turns out I've got plenty of company and it's a good company to be in at that! When people feel they're not alone in their beliefs who knows what may come about? Tea parties maybe?

Let the government get involved and misfits like us may once again feel isolated. Which just might be the goal of some fool.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Eventually they will do it, and do you know why? Because the majority of folks wouldn't have the nads to stand up and stop it.

Amy said...

"He's being too closely watched right now and if he gets elected for a second term I'll eat this keyboard."

from your mouth to God's ears. I just told someone this morning that I see Oboohoo as a 1 term president. He's upset so many folks with his lies and stupidity that I don't see him getting elected again. Or I hope he won't at least.

Subvet said...

Rev. Gregori, you're probably right. No one wants to make waves these days.

Amy, he won't be reelected but we're still in deep kimchee. As I always say, the man is just a symptom.

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