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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why let perfectly good organs go to waste?

I don't know how come this story strikes me as gruesome. We're already dealing with embryonic stem cell research which requires the death of the unborn. Maybe there's a greater sense of identification with fully formed children?

London, DC ( -- A British scientist wants body parts from babies killed in abortions for use in organ donations. Professor Sir Richard Gardner of Oxford University says kidneys and livers from unborn children victimized by abortions would help the organ donor shortage in Britain. (Dear God, is there no end to the barbarity?)

The proposal has upset pro-life groups who call the idea horrific and say there is no promotion of human life by destroying one person to help another.

Gardner is calling for new studies to inquire about the feasibility of transplanting fetal organs and the Royal Society advisor told the London Daily Mail he is surprised none have been carried out. (Is the thought here, "Why let perfectly good body parts go waste?"

"It is probably a more realistic technique in dealing with the shortage of kidney donors than others," he said. The use of body parts from babies killed in abortions is "something that could be done but it's not something that's talked about much." (HEY, HE CALLED THEM "BABIES". Does this mean proaborts now feel comfortable with the truth? They have no qualms admitting they're baby killers?)

"It is at least a temporary solution," he added. (So glad he didn't say, "final solution")

But Josephine Quintavalle, of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, told the Daily Mail the idea is "absolutely horrifying."

"At what stage do you say to the woman who is to have an abortion, 'Can we have some organs for transplant?'" she asked.

American bioethics watchdog Wesley J. Smith also said he is upset by the idea.

"Tell me we aren't on the path to using human beings as mere produce," Smith worried. "Realize this would require later term abortions. But that's okay, according to [Gardner]."

"Hey, I know: When a woman wants an early term abortion, we can pay her to gestate a couple of extra months so her fetus can be of societal use! And imagine the possibilities when artificial wombs are created: We can gestate fetuses to order," Smith concluded. "The road to fetal farming is already being paved." (Sorry slick, you were being sarcastic but you can bet your next paycheck that option is already being considered.)

I recall how indignant some proaborts get when you start comparing abortion to Hitler's works. But didn't they make lampshades & soap out of the concentration camp inmates? That would be after they salvaged their clothing, gold fillings from their teeth, etc.

Waste not want not.

Time to pray again.

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