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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Obscene events at "Catholic" institutions...

The War Department has legacy privleges at Baylor University. It's Baptist and you can bet that'll be where our kids go. The moral climate there is so strict that there has NEVER been a Baylor student who posed for Playboy. This is despite a fair sized financial incentive being offered by that rag.

By contrast, here's what seems all too prevalent in "Catholic" schools;

CNA STAFF, Mar 1, 2009 / 07:46 pm (CNA).- Three Jesuit universities are facing criticism for hosting events promoting sexual license, cross-dressing and homosexual ideologies just as Lent begins, with Georgetown University being accused of promoting only the orthodoxy of “sexual liberation.”

Georgetown University is hosting “Sex Positive Week” from Feb. 23 to 28, an event sponsored by feminist and homosexual student clubs such as GU Pride, United Feminists and Georgetown Solidarity. (Why are groups such as those even allowed to exist within Georgetown U. ?)

The Cardinal Newman Society reports that a Monday session featured a speaker from an organization that “provides a forum” for activities such as fetishism, cross-dressing, and bondage. (Dear Mom & Dad; Having a wonderful time at college where they're teaching me so much I never thought possible...)

A talk on Ash Wednesday, “Torn about Porn?” advertised itself as including a discussion about “arguably alternative forms of pornography that are not supposed to be exploitative.” (Bullshit!)

A Saturday talk from a pornographic filmmaker will address “Relationships Beyond Monogamy.”

GU Pride political chair Olivia Chitayat explained the purpose of the week, saying to the Georgetown Voice:

“The focus of this week is to introduce the idea of Sex Positive, and that’s really about acceptance of a wide range of desires and sexual expressions as a way of understanding one another.” (What relativistic crap!)

“People have sex, and if they don’t, it still impacts them. This is encouraging a dialogue in a way that people don’t feel ashamed about engaging in it or not engaging in it.”

David Gregory, Editor-in-Chief of the Catholic-focused student publication The Georgetown Academy, said he was “absolutely furious” that the Student Activities Commission funded the event. (Good news, there is actually someone there with his head screwed on right!)

“I think about Gaston Hall and you have ‘Wisdom’ on one side of the ceiling and ‘Virtue’ on the other side,” he told the Georgetown Voice, referring to a campus building. “And a discussion like the one that took place there on Monday does not promote a healthy view toward human relationships. I’m so upset [because] there was no one to counter this anything-goes point of view.” (Wanna bet this guy is criticized for being "judgemental" ?)

Georgetown University political science professor Patrick Deneen also commented on the event at writer Rod Dreher’s BeliefNet blog “Crunchy Conservative.” He said observers should not assume that Christian teaching about human sexuality is made known at Georgetown.

“It is not,” Prof. Deneen charged. “The university feebly attempts to pretend to be concerned about matters of sexuality, but addresses them in terms of ‘health.’ Students who are required to take two courses in Theology are rarely, if ever, introduced to something like Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body. The only orthodoxy on campus is sexual liberation.” (Another person with integrtiy and willing to show it! Two in one day at this place! )

Noting that the university had established a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning “Resource Center,” he said there is no comparable center on campus dedicated to “an expressly Catholic teaching on human sexuality.” (How medeival!)

“So what is the message being sent to today's students? Sex, like everything else, is a matter of preference, choice, personal liberty and utilitarian pleasure. It is largely consequence-free recreation. We should recognize that the same moral climate that contributed to the devastation of the worldwide economy is the same moral climate that informs ‘Sex Positive Week’,” Prof. Deneen argued.

He accused Georgetown of wanting “desperately to be accepted on the terms set by the broader culture.” (Instead of following the path set by Christ, ahyup! )

“Rather than taking a part in attempting to shape, even change that culture, Georgetown is shaped in its image,” he said.

“Parents and university caretakers have been deeply complicit in what goes on in today's universities. (He's got that right. The trouble is that this has happened since the 50's & 60's. Remember all those campus demonstrations & sitins? How long would they have lasted if Mommy, Daddy, and the school administration had cracked down on the little darlings? ) They have largely reneged their responsibilities to set a proper tone as their young make the transition from childhood to adulthood, instead offering them a responsibility-free zone for four years at the same time when most cultures have elaborate rituals and practices to assist young people in that difficult and dangerous transition.”

At Loyola University of Chicago on Tuesday, the university’s Student Diversity and Cultural Affairs Office presented a film about a homosexual African-American who is transported in time to “cavort” with the supposedly homosexual writer Langston Hughes, the Cardinal Newman Society reports. (Yeah, that sounds like it's worth the price of a semester there all by itself! Or not. )

The film is part of a semester-long “Color of Queer Film Series” sponsored by the university.

Another upcoming film in the series concerns a 12-year-old boy who falls in love with a male police officer. (Isn't this possibly glorifying pedophilia? Didn't the Church get burned enough over that topic recently? )

At Seattle University, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the student Trans and Allies Club are sponsoring “Transgender Awareness Week” which includes a session on supposedly transgender Bible heroes and heroines. The week also includes “Criss-Cross Day,” which encourages students to “come dressed for the day in your best gender-bending outfit.”

“These obscene abuses of Catholic values come just as Christians begin a holy season of penance, fasting and almsgiving,” said Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick J. Reilly. “Faithful Catholics have good reason to be outraged and heartbroken.” (Is it any wonder so many pass up giving money to the Church? Watch the collection baskets make the rounds any Sunday in most parishes. There are an awful lot of the well dressed who just take the basket and pass it on. )

“That Catholic universities would permit these events on their campuses at any time of the year is unthinkable, but to do so during the holy season of Lent is unconscionable,” he added. “The saddest part of this story is that there is no indication that these universities are ashamed or embarrassed by what is taking place on their Catholic campuses. Parents and potential students might begin to wonder how these universities can in good conscience consider themselves Catholic when they allow such perverse distortions of Catholic values to take place.”

Baylor is looking better all the time. Hell, even Bob Jones University would work. I understand they now have some Catholics in their student body.

But for now the WD and I will pass on Catholic schools. That includes our local high school which promises a strong "social justice" orientation to the curriculum. That term raises my back hair for some reason.

Helloooo Baylor!


VSO said...

Just disgusting.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Just shows how deeply Satan has infiltrated Churches. Political Correctness and toleration have done their work well.

sig94 said...

Boy oh boy, do I ever have stories about Catholics and our vice details (police women dressed as prostitutes). Oh, and then there was that screwy Jesuit priest feller near we grabbed near the gay bar.

Not picking on the Catholics - we got a few real interesting Methodists, Jews and of course the atheists were always active.

We had one detective get "hit" on by her minister. No lie. She was all dolled up and he didn't recognize her.

Subvet said...

Vir, ah yup. Disgusting barely covers it.

Rev. Gregori, amen to all that.

Sig94, LOL, I'll just bet! One of the things that drove me out of the Church years ago were the hypocrites! When I finally realized how many of them were talking out of both sides of their mouths I went back.

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