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Friday, February 20, 2009

The prolife group bust video & my comments.

Okay, here's the video from that bust of the prolife group outside the Birmingham, AL. high school. I found it today on

I don't see anything wrong with what the cops did. Period. They were courteous, spoke more then once to the prolifers about the need to move (thus giving them the chance to go across the street), I didn't see anything wrong with the actions of the police on the scene.

Were the prolifers breaking the law? Well according to initial article they consulted with their attorneys by phone and were assured their actions were legal. Did they give enough information to the attorneys to get a correct determination? I ask that question because they staged themselves right on the sidewalk outside the school. IMHO, (and I'm certainly no legal expert) standing on that particular sidewalk is a whale of a lot different than going directy across the street from the high school.

The prolifers DIDN'T even ask if going across the street was an option. That should have been done IF THEY WEREN'T HOPING FOR A CONFRONTATION!

I have a lot of respect for cops (big surprise). They get to routinely see the seamy side of life. Their lives are always on the line when they put on that uniform and there always seems to be some asshole trying to make a name for themselves by getting in a cop's face.

I've been busted a few times, being an active alcoholic insured that! From my limited experience I've learned a few things;

a) Don't start spouting off about your rights. You're not a lawyer and neither is the cop. Save it for the courtroom where the real experts will hash that out (For a purely nominal fee. Right!).

b) Don't resist, all you'll do is piss off the cops and make your own situation worse (and those handcuffs WON'T snap open no matter how hard you try.)

c) When they state that everything you say can be used against you, believe it (Shaddup-a-you-face!)

d) Courtesy and consideration goes a long way. When the cop shows up he'll appreciate them. I was taken in for booking one time and as I was led to the car the cop said I'd been so cooperative he saw no need for handcuffs on the ride. They got put on before entering the station, but that was for the sake of appearances. Hell, after the booking I was even given a ride back!

FWIW here's another story. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home dad there was a period of about three months where I got stopped for speeding at least six times. It wasn't a speed trap, yours truly just had a lead foot. Everytime I was stopped the same scenario played out;

STATE TROOPER (ST)-Good evening sir, may I see your driver's license & proof of insurance?

SUBVET (SV)-Yes sir officer, my driver's license is in my wallet in my right rear pocket and I'm reaching for it now (pull out wallet & license). My proof of insurance is in the glove compartment, I'm reaching for it now (pull out insurance card, hand everything over).

ST-Mr. Subvet, you were doing sixty in a forty-five mile an hour zone, where have you been and where are you going?

SV-Officer, I work the graveyard shift at Acme Enterprises, I'm heading home.

ST-I'll let you off with a verbal warning this time sir, please keep the speed down in the future.

SV-Thank you officer.

ST-Thank you for your courtesy sir and have a nice day.

Most time someone gets stopped by the staties in this area, they get a ticket. The War Department was up the wall because I never got one, she figured I needed a lesson. After a while I decided not to push my luck any further.

Enough of my life, IMHO the prolifers in this video were pushing the limit to see how far they could go. That is flat wrong. It's wrong for anyone. Period.

So flame away folks, I'm wearing rhino hide underwear!


ABNPOPPA said...

Don't tell me it was the same officer! I would have nailed you the first time. The department I was on let you write as many tickets as you wanted. lol lol


Subvet said...

Damned hardass!

MightyMom said...

was it the curtesy or the Ret Navy license plate???

I've always wondered!!

Adrienne said...

No argument here even without watching the video. 99.9% of the time I'm on the cops side.

It wasn't that long ago that everyone was in an uproar about the guy that infiltrated some protest or another. The cops were trying to get him to leave before he got turned into tomorrow's dinner. Damn fool kept arguing with the police (who were only trying to protect him and themselves, for that matter).

And everyone thought the police were "meeeeean"!
I would have lost patience and beaned the fool! That's why when I was 5th on the list for the St. Paul, MN police department, no one retired or died. God was looking out for the citizens....LOL

MM - are you picking on poor Sub in public????

Pops - I'm with you!!

ignorant redneck said...


Most of the time, when questions of non-violent free speech come up, I'm NOT on the side of the police.

But, my take on this is the same as yours. They wanted an esca;ating confrontation tht would get them publicity and street cred as 'martyrs' to the cause.

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