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Monday, January 19, 2009

Reaping what ye sow...

Well, these dumbasses are wanting to turn the clock back to the seventh century. Guess they didn't know it's a package deal.

Now just watch some nitwit claim it's a CIA "blackbox operation" initiated by G.W. Bush. It will be followed by calls for investigations of atrocities committed by the USA.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Like they say, you reap what you sow. I wonder how their 76 virgins will like them with the big black buboes all over them?

This proves the truth in the saying: "God works in mysterious ways."

Cookie..... said...

Although I would like to think like the Reverand, I suspect perhaps a more sinister cause, and that is that something (bio-waepon) they were experimenting with backfired on them. Stop and think, if just one of those idiots managed to gain access to the US, unless caught and diagnosed correctly in a short period of time, many Americans could suffer greatly. I pray (and I mean that) that I am incorrect in my assessment.

sig94 said...

I dunno. This stuff is passed through a bite by an infected carrier. How do you weaponize that?

I assume that in this crazed pursuit the muslim assclowns took the easiest way out - get a hardcore bubonic rat and have a bunch of fleas bite the everlovin' snot out of it. Let the wee rat beastie be covered with the little frenzied flea fiends.

Then let the rat loose in a day care center, rock concert, trial lawyer convention or something?

Probably let it loose in the ghetto where lax hygiene standards will help the spread of vermin and the disease.

ignorant redneck said...

thing is, it doesn't take a bite from an infected carrier. The plaugue has two forms--bubonic and pnuemonic, and in a larg outbreak, or an outbreak that is among a population with little or no exposure to the disease, it's pretty standard for the pnuemonic form to emerge.

It's transmitted by breathing, and is even more virulent and fast acting than the bubonic form.

and as the camp was estimated at 100 persons, and only about 40 are accounted for, this could be bad.

Imagine a crowded aircraft, someone who is infected with the pneumonic for who will be dead in 24-36 hours, yet is showing no symptoms, and all those connecting flights.

It's got a transmission rate and a lethality rate of over 90%.

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