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Monday, January 19, 2009

The active promotion of homosexuality.

For those who don't believe homosexuality is being actively promoted, the following story applies;

VIRGINIA, January 14, 2009 ( - Lisa Miller, an ex-lesbian fighting to prevent her former partner from having access to her six year old daughter, has been told by a Virginia court that her child will be taken from her by force, if necessary.

Judge William Sharp of the Shenandoah County Domestic Relations District Court, ordered Lisa Miller, 40, to allow her former lesbian partner to have a three day unsupervised visit with her daughter, Isabella, Miller said in an email sent on January 6th to friends and supporters.

Sharp also ruled that Vermont's civil union laws must be upheld in Virginia, despite a state law that expressly forbids the recognition of same-sex unions of any kind, Miller stated.

"At this point, the Virginia Marriage laws mean nothing," wrote Miller. "Today, the homosexual agenda just marched through our back door." (Bit of a double entendre there.)

Lisa Miller conceived Isabella using artificial insemination during a lesbian relationship with Janet Jenkins, 44, in 2002. Miller and Jenkins were in a "civil union" at the time, initiated in the state of Vermont. Miller later repudiated lesbianism when she returned to her former faith in Jesus Christ.

Although Vermont has no law assigning parenthood to the spouse of a woman impregnated through artificial insemination, a Vermont judge has assigned parental rights to Jenkins. Miller says that Isabella has told her that she was forced to bathe naked with Jenkins during previous unsupervised visits, and has spoken of suicide after returning from such visits.

"...was forced to bath naked with Jenkins during previous unsupervised visits..." Hey folks, any guesses as to what would happen if a heterosexual man forced his daughter to do the same during unsupervised visits? When I lived in Connecticut I met a man who lost all visitation rights with his girl until allegations of impropriety could be verified. BAM!! No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes. The poor guy didn't see his daughter. Period.

Why would it be any different when the gay noncustodial parent is known to be attracted to members of the same gender as the child? Hell, thats the reason the Boy Scouts don't want gay Scoutmasters. Think of putting hetero men in charge of Girl Scout troops, kinda sleazy.

But what really caught my eye on this post was a story related to it. This one here that details how she was convinced she must be lesbian.

Now how could someone NOT know they were attracted to members of the same sex? Why would it be necessary for a shrink to point this out? I don't get it. I really don't. To me you know if you're light in the loafers or not. Why would you need someone to TELL you that?

Not too long ago homosexuality was considered a mental/emotional disorder. Once the gay lobby got going that went away and we started being taught to accept it as just another life style. Now it's getting taught in schools and may soon be openly embraced by the military. Don't speak out against it either, you'll be labeled a homophobe and cast into the outer darkness. Just look at whats happening in California to the supporters of Prop. 8, now theres a Google map allowing anyone to find the homes and workplaces of them. Check this out for details.

I don't even want to talk about Marvel Comics coming out with a gay superhero. Really. Enough is enough.

So one way or another we're having acceptance of homosexuality rammed down our throats. As this story proves, failure to get along with your spouse can be a green light for convincing you you're gay. How soon will resistance to a diagnosis of that sort constitute a failure to cooperate with any shrinks assigned to you? Our children are already being softened up, the Thought Police are now infiltrating the school systems as proven by this story and a few others I've posted on recently.

Some years down the road when our children are propositioned by their gay peers and have to defend themselves against charges of "homophobia" because they won't at least "try it, you might like it", what will we be able to do then? Look at how sexual mores have changed just in the last few decades to get a glimpse of the future. It's now accepted as "normal" for teenagers to have sex way before they leave high school, will it one day be just as "normal" for them to have had a homosexual relationship by that time? How many young folk will be sent to a shrink and encouraged to remedy their deprived libidos?

Where the hell do we go from here?


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Sorry to have to inform, many kids, even in middle school and some in elementary are already engaging in homosexual sex.

It is already becoming a big problem in England. I was reading an article on the internet a couple of days ago that kids over in British schools were bully their fellow students into engaging in both heterosexual and homosexual acts, right on school grounds. And like my oldest son, who is in the Air Force, told me when he was stationed in England, "Keep your eye on England because whatever happens there, will come to the U.S. in short order."

Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

We have to fight back even harder.

MightyMom said...

pardon me while I lose my lunch

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