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Monday, December 29, 2008

An attorney general for Moloch...

Washington, DC ( -- Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut says he will lead a fight against a federal rule issued by the Bush administration to protect doctors and medical facilities from being pressured to participate in abortions. The rule enforces federal law protecting the conscience rights of medical professionals. (Because according to Blumenthal, doctors shouldn't have a conscience. Bet Josef Mengele would approve of that one!)

Though the new regulations have nothing to do with birth control, Blumenthal is echoing the arguments from leading pro-abortion groups who claim its access will be adversely impacted by them. (Abortion is the primary sacrament of the secular church. Others would include gay marriage and women's ordination.)

"I will fight this outrageous rule -- the outgoing Bush Administration's latest and last swipe at women's health," he said in a statement obtained. "This rule is an appalling insult and abuse -- a midnight power grab to deny access to health care services and information, including even to victims of rape." ("Women's health" often gets cited, what about the health of the aborted women? Never mind, stupid question. They don't count.)

Blumenthal led a 13-state coalition to fight the abortion rule before it was adopted, calling on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in formal comments to entirely abandon the Provider Conscience Regulation. (Because a conscience can be such an inconvenient thing. It'll actually require you answer to a higher authority than the government. That can't happen unless we're talking about protesting a war started during Republican administrations.)

He said he will resume working with pro-abortion officials in the other states to derail the pro-life protections for medical centers and staff -- slated to take effect on January 20. (Yep, they'll make damned sure the slaughterhouses keep running, even if any doctors involved object.)

"Our strong coalition of states will fight fiercely to block this reprehensible threat to hard-fought patient and victim rights," he said.

State attorney generals from Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and Vermont joined Blumenthal in opposing the rule originally. (Guess we should be grateful there weren't more.)

Though Blumenthal characterizes the Bush administration's protections for doctors as an attack on birth control, others see it much differently. (Don't worry, their voices will be silenced.)

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt said the right of federally funded health care providers to decline to participate in services to which they object, such as abortion, should be affirmed by federal law. (Unfortunately he'll soon be replaced by Tom Daschle, a prochoice Catholic In Name Only (CINO). Then the HHS will jump onboard too.)

"Over the past three decades, Congress enacted several statutes to safeguard the freedom of health care providers to practice according to their conscience. The new regulation will increase awareness of and compliance with these laws," Leavitt said.

“Doctors and other health care providers should not be forced to choose between good professional standing and violating their conscience,” Leavitt added. “This rule protects the right of medical providers to care for their patients in accord with their conscience.”

"While it would strengthen provider conscience rights, the regulation would in no way restrict health care providers from performing any legal service or procedure," he said disabusing Blumenthal. (That point will soon be lost. Moloch's fearless defenders of choice will make sure of it.)

Specifically, the rule clarifies that non-discrimination protections apply to institutional health care providers as well as to individual employees working for recipients of certain funds from HHS.

It requires recipients of certain HHS funds to certify their compliance with laws protecting provider conscience rights and designates the HHS Office for Civil Rights as the entity to receive complaints of discrimination addressed by the existing statutes and the regulation.

Though the rule takes effect next month, HHS components have been given discretion to phase in the written certification requirement by October 1, 2009.

However, Blumenthal and his marplots are expected to file suit against the rule. (Yep, the taxpayer's dollars at work. But said taxpayer better damned well not object, they'll soon find themselve holding the shitty end of the stick if they do.)


Joe said...

Blumenthal is a criminal abortionist politician. He should be prosecuting criminal abortionists in Connecticut but instead does everything he can to promote abortion crime.

Mike Leavitt's comments however are very weak as is to be expected from the weak Bush administration. He says "the regulation would in no way restrict health care providers from performing any legal service or procedure". He is talking about the killing of unborn children, an unspeakable crime. Why can our politicians never ever call it what it is?

Politicians on the other side always sound strong and aggressive fighting for unlimited violence. Our politicians always sound weak and insipid as if they do not really care about the killing of human beings in the unborn stage.

beebs said...

"Most Catholic doctors would prescribe birth control"

According to a recent survey, about 93 percent of physicians—including 87.5 percent of Catholic physicians— said that they would prescribe birth control to any adult patient.
Freedom is a funny thing.

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