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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The start of official religious persecution.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California officials will investigate whether the Mormon church accurately described its role in a campaign to ban gay marriage in the state.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission said Monday that a complaint by a gay rights group merits further inquiry.

Executive director Roman Porter says the decision does not mean any wrongdoing has been determined.

Fred Karger, founder of Californians Against Hate, accuses the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of failing to report the value of work it did to support Proposition 8.

A representative from the Salt Lake City-based church could not be reached for comment.

Can you say "witch hunt"? Sure you can.

It won't even have to be proven, let the Mormons get hauled into court and they'll have to pay a doublebutt ton of money for defense against any claim. Thus they're penalized no matter how innocent they may be officially found.

The same pattern will repeat itself more frequently as time passes. Welcome to the 21st Century form of religious persecution, no lions needed.


ignorant redneck said...

Part of the problem is, tha we have become so accustomed to investigations of this and that, of having rights trammeled by bureaucrats in the name of protecting rights, that many won't even realize it's persecution, and will simply wander away from the praactice of faith.

Those who stand up for faith will be fined and jailed, but never for practicing faith, rather, for not doing what ever, or for refusing to do which ever. But "the practice of faith" will remain technically sancrosact.

I am reminded of the Emporer augustus, who scrupulously kept the forms of the Roman Republic, while replacing them with an imperial autocracy.

Mother Darla said...

You are so right to term it "official" religious persecution. But those of us who sit quietly in the pews, Sunday after Sunday, soaking in the God talk and not speaking out in the marketplace are to blame. I accuse myself first of any in failing to speak the truth.

When we have heard falsity and obfuscation and remained silent is that for which we will have to answer. And what are the reasons behind our own silences? We don't want to stir up trouble, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, we don't want to get involved.

And what has that brought us to? Full scale involvement. We are in a heap of trouble. All the liberties, religious and other, that we have so enjoyed as Americans (and for which so many brave and generous service people have risked or given their lives) are disappearing, one by one.

The war has started, people. It's time to come out of our cable-tv induced comas and fight. We have the truth - we have ebrains and mouths - dear God, what other weapons do we need?

Cookie..... said...

Again, bearing in mind that although I'm a Christian, I'm not a complete believer in Revelations (although that may be slowly changing), but, this and other things were predicted...

Cookie..... said...

P.S. Having just read Mother Darla's great comment, I concur completely, and I also am guilty to some degree, however, as of late that has been changing and I'm getting more vocal on my blog and to folks who challange my views on what is happening in our great country. No doubt in this man's mind that it's time to begin to fight back and NOT wait for someone else to do it.

MightyMom said...

hear hear!

VSO said...

What the hell is this? China?!

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