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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A man with kneed.

ALLIANCE, Neb. (AP) - After being shot five times last weekend, a western Nebraska man had to go to court to get his prosthetic leg back from prosecutors. The Box Butte County Attorney's office gave Val McCabe's leg back Wednesday after a judge ordered it returned.

McCabe, 58, shot during a roadside incident on Friday, was listed in good condition at a hospital in Scottsbluff. Prosecutors wanted to run tests on the leg and the bullet lodged inside.

McCabe, who lost his leg below the knee in a railroad accident roughly 30 years ago, filed his lawsuit Tuesday.

McCabe lawyer argued it wasn't practical for him to replace the specially built, $28,000 prosthesis.

Alliance Police removed the bullet from the leg before returning it. No arrests had been made by Wednesday.

Evidently the judge felt the prosecutors didn't have a leg to stand on and made them toe the line. I'd guess they were hip with that so, putting their best foot forward, they ankled on over and gave the man his prosthetic back. They still come off looking like a bunch of heels.

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bothenook said...

give a submariner an inch, he'll take a foot, as you did with that last groaning paragraph. i'd kick you in the shin, but then the sole excuse i'd have would be that i should have drunk de-calf rather than leaded. not too sure the judge would stand for it.

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THIS is depressing!!
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