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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's all about abortion.

If the hyperventilating hysterics of the MSM and liberals over Palin as VP isn't all about her prolife positions then what is it about?

Lack of foreign policy experience? How much of that did Slick Willie Clinton have before being elected?

Inability to care for her children while satisfying the demands of a national office? Gee, in this "liberated" day and age I thought the roles of mother & father were interchangeable. In my house they are, once this post is done I'll be getting my one year old daughter out of bed, changing her diaper and running off to pick up my two sons from preschool. We'll get home just in time for me to wake the wife for her work. Then I'll get supper ready for the kids while I make her lunch. Hell, I've even got an apron I wear when baking pies! So why can't Palin's husband handle the kids? A man can do any job a woman can.

Strong Christian beliefs? The Dems, in the persons of Pelosi & Biden, have been referencing their strong religious beliefs every time the topic of abortion comes around. Why aren't they getting slammed by the MSM?

Lack of experience? She's been a governor almost as long as Obama has been a Senator. Probably stayed focused on her elected position more than he did also, since getting a political machine geared up for a Presidential run isn't something you do overnight. She on the other hand was picked by McCain. Other than a few interviews for the position I doubt there was a lot of her time spent getting ready for it.

So what does that leave other than her prolife positions & actions?

'Scuse me now, gotta go change a diaper and get rolling.


Harry said...

Ahh diapers, after all these years, I remember them well. Having summers off, it was natural for me to take care of the kids while the wife was at work. During the school year, she usually worked nights, so I still had my hands full. Haven't changed one since my own kids grew out of them and I don't expect to until I have grandkids . . . some day.

As for Obama comparing experience with Palin, he wants to be president but didn't know that Russia has a veto in the UN Security Council. He thinks his bright smile and smooth talk will charm Putin, Kim Il Jong, and Ahmadinajad the same way it's worked for his flock. They and any other tyrant would eat him for lunch.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Yeah, Obama saying Palin doesn't have experience, LOL

I mean a Community Organizer, wtf?

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