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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How important is the abortion issue in my home?

I can only speak for myself but if McCain opts for a prochoice VP candidate I'll be sitting this one out. Period.

Having a man who approves of infanticide only one heartbeat away from leading this country doesn't sit well with my beliefs. It all starts and ends with the abortion issue for me.

Yeah, I've read about McCain's waffling on ESCR and saying abortion should be allowed for incest and rape victims. But the man has a zero rating with the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). That says it all for me, especially when the Dem's are fielding a candidate who never met a fetus he wouldn't kill. That last makes the stakes too high to waste my vote on a third party candidate. So anyone wanting to convert me to vote for Ron Paul or some other wingnut can save their breath, as long as McCain picks a prolife running mate he'll have my vote. Unlike Ron Paul & Co., McCain might, just might be victorious.

Having said all that, I STILL expect Obama to be the next President. But doing the right thing doesn't mean you always do what will win. Maybe that mindset might explain why I'm a big fan of the Alamo defenders, Capt. Ahab, the French Foreign Legion, etc.


MightyMom said...

it's a scary race for sure.

VSO said...

Abortion is murder. That's one of the five non-negotiables.

Sir Galen of Bristol said...

Subvet, if it turns out you can't vote for McCain, may I recommend Chuck Baldwin?

Maurisa said...

Subvet, I agree with you totally on this. McCain's running mate better be pro-life or I will walk!

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