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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Boo-frigging-hoo" for the anniversary of Hiroshima.

Here's the story. Same old same old.

What really twists my shorts is how the Japanese are made out to be the victims. Hey, it was a war. A war that they started. This war included the Rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death March, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and quite a few other items I could cite (e.g., the "comfort girls" of South Korea) that adequately depict their aggressive, inhumane actions. But there is no attention paid to the anniversary of these atrocities. And they WERE atrocities! If you find any mention of them it'll be in the back pages of the local fishwrap.

But thats our education establishment in action for you. My brother-in-law, the pacifist, is quite well versed on the horrors of Hiroshima. Ask him about the atrocities I mentioned and you'll get a blank stare. They don't teach that in our public school system. And this is Texas, a state with the reputation of being populated by flag waving, gun loving, rednecks. Wonder what they teach in Rhode Island, that Americans actually bombed Pearl so we could go to war? Who knows.

In addition to what I've already mentioned, all of which would have justified erasing the islands of Nippon, the Japanese were warned ahead of time if they didn't surrender they'd be nuked. They chose not to. The bombing of Nagasaki had to take place before the little light came on upstairs and they laid down their arms.

Screw 'em. They made their bed, let 'em lie in it's radioactive ashes.


ignorant redneck said...

I got my Hiroshima post up too.

Really--nagasaki almost wasn't enough! There was a coup attempt to keep the war going even after the 2d nuke.

Subvet said...

I vaguely remember reading about that coup. You've a good memory.

Coner said...

You're not trying very hard to be a "good catholic". You should give that up and stick with the NRA and/or the KKK.

Subvet said...

Hey coner, since when do I answer to the likes of you? Bite me.

Anonymous said...

Well put. The ends met by the atomic bombs definately justified the means. P.S. "con maneuvering, shut up coner"

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THIS is depressing!!
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