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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The shape of things to come on the enviornmental front?

Here's the story from the land of fruits & nuts (taken from );

California public students will stick to reading, writing and arithmetic, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger decided as he vetoed a bill late Friday that would have required climate change be added to schools' curriculum.

The measure, sponsored by state Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, also would have required future science textbooks to include climate change as a subject.

In January, the state Senate approved the bill, SB 908, by a 26-13 vote. Only two Republicans supported the proposal.

In his veto statement, Schwarzenegger said he supported education that spotlights the dangers of climate change. However, the Republican governor said he was opposed to educational mandates from Sacramento.

"I continue to believe that the state should refrain from being overly prescriptive in specific school curriculum, beyond establishing rigorous academic standards," he said.

Schwarzenegger added that the state's Integrated Waste Management Board's Office of Education and Environment, along with California's Environmental Protection Agency, are creating an environmental curriculum for K-12 students that includes climate change issues.

Simitian had said his bill wouldn't dictate what to teach; rather, it would require the state Board of Education and state Department of Education to decide how the topic would be covered and which grades would study it.

So the Governator was the only thing standing between the schools and mandatory teaching of the newest secular religion? The article mentions the subject being covered by the state's Integrated Waste Management Board's Office of Education and Environment, along with California's Environmental Protection Agency. Evidently California's students aren't out of these woods yet.

So when will this crap come to the rest of us? And you can bet having your children homeschooled or sent to parochial institutions will be no insurance against having to learn this junk.

Junk it is, because the powers that be won't stop with noting any climate change, they'll continue on to what they deem the cause of it. Never mind that it still hasn't been proven humanity is responsible for global warming, the adherents of this faith will hysterically hyperventilate at the top of their lungs how it's ALL OUR FAULT AND WE SHOULD BE SO ASHAMED OF OURSELVES!! Thats the point where it becomes pure junk, when it's used to further the agenda of the treehuggers.

This garbage will be poured into the minds of our youth who will accept it as fact and another round in the culture war will go to the nattering nabobs of academia.

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THIS is depressing!!
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