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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie Review: The Jane Austen Book Club

It's a chick flick to end all chick flicks! If your old lady walks into the house carrying this thing, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

It's worse than, "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood". At least that dog was weird enough to make it bearable.

It's worse than, "Fried Green Tomatoes". At least that hacker had the scene where the asshole husband gets served up in the barbecue (the secret is in the sauce).

It's worse than, "Beaches". That at least had Bette Midler doing the Titslinger routine onstage.

This thing is the uberchickflick. I'll have to watch "Das Boot" tonight to cleanse my mind. Maybe even rent "The Road Warrior" to get the testosterone level back up.

If I had a hacker card it would be maxed out on this flick alone. BLEAAGGHH!!


Rita Loca said...

I love Das boot! Never have seen this Jane Austin one. I guess I am not very much like the average 'chick'.

Subvet said...

Maybe you can explain the appeal of "Das Boot" to Mightymom. She thinks its just a waste of how the crew performs Herculean tasks to survive only to get wiped out in the end when they go ashore.

Then again, she thinks "Moby Dick" is just a book about a madman's fixation with a whale.

Rita Loca said...

HA! I guess I have had to do a few herculean tasks myself and had them fail so I admire their attempt. LOL!

MightyMom said...

Das Boot is a good movie, but it should have ended after they get out of the Straight of Gilbralter.

I would like to interject that I've never read Moby Dick. I am however working my way through Treasure Island right now so the white whale will have to wait.

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