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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a thought.....

Reading a recent post at the Ignorant Redneck's blog got me thinking.

The consequences of sexual promiscuity and homosexual acts (AIDS, STD's of all stripes, emotional & mental problems) makes me wonder if they're built-in evidence of God's disapproval. Some religious folks might say I'm late to the party in expressing those thoughts, give me a break. It's been a long road back from my secular corner of Eden and I'm still working towards a better understanding of God and a deeper personal relationship with Him.

This sort of thinking will brand me a knuckle dragging Neanderthal by a good portion of the rest of society.


What was the STD rate amongst the Neanderthals? Just wondering.


ignorant redneck said...


I think about that too.

Sometimes, I think that part of the reason teh Lord tells us to refrain from such things just might be that he doesn't want us to die of awful diseases!

Often, when I think about it, if find that the things we are told not to do have effects that range from bad to catastophic.

Even things like how we treat our workers: You know, the thing that defrausing workers of their wages is a sin crying to heaven? Then look what happens when Communists use worker disatisfactio to get into power!

things like that fill me with Awe at the wisdom of our god.

Anonymous said...

Being new to Catholic faith as I am (Just over 3 years since I went though RCIA) I have to disagree with your thoughts on this. Sexual promiscuity and Homosexual acts are wrong and sins in the eyes of our Lord, AIDS, STD's, Emotional & mental problems happen to people other then the ones doing the acts themselves. Ryan White I think his name was, was a child infected with Aids do to a blood transfusion, he was not sexually active so why would God punish him? If im wrong about what im about to say please correct me, It is true that sexual promiscuity and homosexual acts have there consequences but I find it hard to believe that the loving God and Christ his son to whom I pray to every day would have anything to do with giving things like Aids to anyone. Christ was a healer. He healed the leaper (spelling) (a perceived consequence for sin at that time.) Christ called to the sinners not the saints.

Before we go into the whole then why did God allow things like Aids in the first place discussion. I have to say humans are nasty dirty things to begin with, it was sin that got us kicked out of the garden, and its sin that keeps Aids and STD’s around. Sin comes from the Devil himself and because we as humans have free will we get the choice to sin or not to sin.

Not a Neanderthal but close,

sorry I ramble alittle

Subvet said...

sts2/ss dshaw, I really don't see anything that we would disagree about. IMHO AIDS, STDS, etc wouldn't be doled out to only the sexually promiscuous and abnormal. But their existence could by themselves be indicators of God's will for us. The rain falls on both the good and evil.

Maybe I'm not being clear enough on this topic, I'll admit to still groping my way around the subject.

But thats one of the reasons I have this blog, to help hammer out whatever ideas enter my pointy little head. Sometimes those ideas seem okay, at others I cheerfully toss them into the mental wastebasket of my life.

Thanks for your comments, you didn't ramble at all. You've helped me further along in my thinking on this, come back anytime.

Sir Galen of Bristol said...

Seems to me that if God were about punishing sin, then if a state were to do something like, oh, say, adopt gay "marriage," then it might find itself also dealing with an epidemic of forest fires.

But not all victims of disease or misfortune are sinners, as Jesus explicitly taught.

MightyMom said...

OK, here's my hapenny worth. ready??

God does not bring about "bad" things to happen to us. However, He does allow us the free will to choose our paths, and then watches us suffer the consequences thereof. I don't believe that He tells us to stay away from "degrading passions" (Romans 1:26) so that we won't contract diseases of the body. Diseases of the body are not God's concern. However, these "degrading passions" lead us into sin. (Which by the way is God's only concern, IMHO). The emotional/mental problems you cite I believe are outcroppings of the mind trying to live with this (or rationalize) constant sin.

The STDs and physical diseases are simply outcroppings of the fact that we live in corruptable bodies. and are no different in reality than all other diseases such as strep throat (scarlet fever) or cancer.

OH well, enough rambling from me for tonight.

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