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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hey white folk, don't try this at home!!

Seems this woman is dumber than a box of rocks but that shouldn't be an excuse to take the kids.

So if she belonged to the Nation of Islam would the response of the Canadian government have been the same? How about if she was Palestinian?

Racial bigotry does exist and a good portion of it is directed against whites. Damndest thing is that the ones who practice it the most zealously are white themselves. Throwing the "racist" card is always guaranteed to put a white man on the defense, that can happen at any time.

Don't want Obama? You're a racist.

Don't want illegal aliens? You're a racist.

You want English mandated as the official language of the country? You're a racist.

Disagree with affirmative action? You're a, oh hell you got the message five minutes ago!

It's become a reflex action by the intellectually lazy and those who know their arguments won't hold up to the light of day. Sidetrack the discussion into having your opponent trying to prove a negative (i.e., I am NOT a racist) and you win by default.

What a load of shit.

And although this story took place in Canada you can bet your bottom dollar we'll see our fair share in this country, especially after the November elections.

(h/t to The Gates of Vienna where I first saw this story)

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Anonymous said...

All the PC crap they stuff down your throat is nothing more than thought control. They inundate you with certain messages, and your mind begins to conform. When you have a un-PC thought, it makes you say "I can't think that way." It's Orwell's 1984 brought to life.

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