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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The battle for hearts and minds in America on the topics of abortion, gay marriage, etc.

The thoughts I'll express were started by an article regarding gay marriage. Here's the story.

IMHO those of us who oppose abortion, legitimizing sexual perversion and other acts of cultural suicide need to wake up. Trying to use the courts isn't working. Period.

If we're trying to legislate morality it only proves we've learned nothing from the lessons of Prohibition. When a majority of people feel an action is okey-dokey they'll do zip to stop it, even when they're not personally involved.

Our battleground for items such as abortion and homosexuality isn't found in the courtroom. It's in the classrooms of our public & private schools. That includes Sunday schools where an awful lot of what should be said never is. It's from the pulpits where all too often we get "I'm okay, you're okay". It's in our homes where we have to battle the relativism that seeps into our children's minds in the schoolyared. Once the hearts and minds of the people are won over the problem begins to diminish.

As an example of this I'd cite the attitudes, past and present, regarding the use of tobacco. Prior to the reports linking smoking with cancer everybody smoked just about EVERYWHERE. I believe the only places I didn't see someone lighting up when I was a kid in the sixties was in church, the movies (and there were still ashtrays in the one I went to, evidently it used to be allowed there) and school rooms (although I saw the nuns & lay teachers lighting up outside at recess). That was it. Every place else was fair game if you smoked and more people than not did.

Fast forward forty some years later, where the hell can you smoke these days? The venues are going away, some companies are even requiring their employees not to smoke at home. Don't like it? Guess you can go work somewhere else, it's a free country and private industry can dictate a lot of behaviors when they're related to their health insurance costs.

So if we want to turn the tide on gay marriage, abortion, the deterioration of our culture in any & all areas we have to start putting the word out in the right areas. Start talking about these subjects wherever possible, get away from the courts because we're losing our asses there. We're losing because it's hard to justify infringing on what often is perceived as someone's freedom. When we get the message out that "freedom" has very real negative consequences in this life we'll turn things around. Telling someone it should be against the law to engage in homosexual behavior is less effective than teaching them the physical & mental consequences of that behaviour. Trying to stop abortions by battling the idea of "choice" is a loser. Citing the physical, emotional & mental consequences of abortion and leaving it at that makes the prolife stance harder to attack.

Start educating our youth, have the topics addressed from the pulpits, keep pushing on getting the actual facts out. John Q. Public is pretty damned smart and can evaluate the facts on his/her own. And the facts are NOT getting out. Here are some examples;

Fact: AIDS is caused primarily by anal sex. What group of society is most likely to engage in that? We don't hear that one in public often enough.

Fact: Abortion is an act whose emotional consequences never go away. Another item we don't hear often enough.

Fact: Constant exposure to any behavior desensitizes a persons reaction to it. The apologists of graphic violence or pornography try to discredit that. But we'll believe it concerning tobacco use which is why it now figures into the rating of any movie. No one asks "How come the double standard" often enough.

The list could go on and on.

I'll stop here , you probably got the point five minutes ago.

These are just the thoughts of a retired turd chaser.

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