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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Supremes strike again, it follows a trend.

The Supremes recently ruled that the death penalty cannot be applied to child rapists. Pardon me all over the place but short of a mandatory sentence of life without parole (which we can't count on for even the most heinous murderer) giving these scum the needle is the solution.

According to Justice Kennedy, "...the death penalty should not be expanded to instances where the victim's life was not taken." Having listened to my share of childhood rape victims I'd say those victim's lives are ALWAYS taken from them. Maybe not in the sense of winding up in a pine box but you can bet the farm they'll carry huge scars from those incidents for the rest of their lives. It will affect EVERYTHING about them, right up to the end. But hey, no big deal right? Just fire 'em off to therapy. That'll fix everything, their rapists will also be rehabilitated and everyone can join hands and sing together, right?

My ass!

This is a part of the mindset that finds no compelling reason to recognize the entirely priceless value of our children and, by extension, human life in general. IMHO we continue to see a devaluing of human life that started back in the 60's when abortion became legal. The abortion question was just the tip of the iceberg, nose of the camel in the tent, foot in the door, pick your metaphor. You got the idea ten minutes ago, I'm sure.

Since then we've seen an escalation in the glorification of gratuitous violence and a corresponding loss of respect for human life. Never mind the schoolyard prohibitions on bullying, fighting, etc. that make anyone with common sense roll their eyes in exasperation. Our kids are now saturated with violence and the degradation of their fellow humans, be it via video games such as Grand Theft Auto or the latest bunch of scantily dressed women in a music video. Once you devalue human life at one point you devalue it in all areas.

Last Saturday I joined a couple of fellow Knights of Columbus from my church's council as we stood and prayed outside an abortion clinic. While there I was told of some harassment the women who make up the core of the prayer group had undergone during past weekends. Seems the Knights are present for security as much as anything else.

But according to the MSM, Planned Parenthood and the like it's "those religious fundamentalists" who are to be carefully watched lest they become abusive or violent.


As several bloggers have commented, there have been more abortion clinics bombed in episodes of "Law and Order" than in real life. Yet the overall concern of society at large is for the safety of the doctors of death and their clinics. Nothing can interfere with offering up the innocents to a modern day Moloch we name "the woman's right to choose".

Too bad the baby doesn't have any corresponding rights. Yep, it's a baby. Not a fetus or a mass of tissue. We kill our most innocent when they're most vulnerable and the tax dollars of you and I help make it all possible.

The devaluation of life will continue, we'll see more of a push for euthanasia soon, an escalating trend of violence across ALL levels of society and the continued pornification of our girls and women. Rape victims and others who fall prey to society's scum will basically be told to "get over it, it's not THAT bad". Our future Chief Executive will undoubtedly do all he can to expand the limits on infanticide and "mercy" killings.

Don't look for much help from the mainstream churches or other supposed guardians of the common man either. They'll be too busy kissing ass on the cultural elite to be bothered by the concerns of such as you and I. When we complain we'll be told to appreciate the "nuance" of their positions and to adopt a "seamless garment" style philosophy.

In other words those who should be speaking up for you and I will try convincing us it's only rainwater running down our backs as they merrily piss all over us.

God help us all, but we're just about in the crosshairs of a real Old Testament style comeuppance.


Cookie..... said...

Excellent article Chief!...and right on target...*sigh*..

And when that no good slimy bastard Obama gets in's only gonna get worse for unborns, and partial borns....

MightyMom said...

well, I'm right there with you babe, all the way.

Pen of Jen said...

God Help us all is exactly right, and same as abortion which I wrote about today.

You may think my post is wacko, but I cannot get over the slaughter of the babies....over and over and over and over.

And Rape of a child is murder of the very soul of the kid, as you said.

Good to write about this, to stir up all of us as times like we live in are closely resembling the Old Testament cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Nereus said...

The Tags for your blog post say it all. America,Cultural cesspool. The loss of human empathy,morality and personal accountability is both stunning and nausiating.
The deviant has become the norm and celebrated and protected in our culture while service, obediance and disipline are now subjects of public mockery.


ignorant redneck said...


We're stoking up on shelf stable foods, developing a bugout plan, and aquiring suitable bug out bags etc.

We can't contend with the parousia, but we can get the heck out of the metro area, when we need to.

The way the worlds going, a smack down is inevitable. But the way the worlds going, we'll probably do it to ourselves--IAW our sinful nature.

I worry about this, a lot

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