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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This should get your blood pressure up.

Wonder if the teacher of this class is showing the students how to pull the wings off of flies?

FWIW, my oldest son has Asperger's. So I know how exasperating the behavior can be. But this is flat unacceptable.

I tried calling up the school website, for some reason it's now inaccessible. Gee, what a coincidence.

Fortunately the phone number and snail mail address is publicly available for those who wish to use it;

Morningside Elementary School
(772) 337-6730
2300 SE Gowin Dr.
Port Lucie, FL 34592


Rita Loca said...

it was deplorable!

Glenn B said...

You know, it might be just the thing for the child instead of being coddled at every opportunity. I say so based upon lots of personal experience with crazed bloodthirsty penguins who posed as Nuns way back when I was in grammar school. They weren't fooling me, I kew they were not human. They slapped us (us being all the school kids),pulled our ears and twisted them hard, grabbed us by the hair and yanked us down the halls to the office, gave us tough (and I mean really tough) noogies, kicked us, hit us with rulers, threw erasers at us at full force, threw chalk at us at full force, had our knuckles whacked with a deck of report cards for bad marks, spanked us with belts and with boards (the bard of education was probably a cutting board that had studs placed around its edges (I say probably a cutting board because I do not think anyone manufactured boards for spankings back then). We were yelled at, laughed at, put in the corner wearing a dunce cap, put in closets for punishment, made to write something like: "I will not talk in class" 200 times on the blackboard after school, made to stay in after school detention; and do you know what - if that did not work they called our parents into the school and read them the riot act. Then when we got home, man it was worse than it had been in school.

All along, throughout all the years in grammar school, and even in Catholic Hig School, not one of us or our parents ever used the excuse that we were retarded, slow learners, autistic, suffereing from ADD, or anything else like that. The truth be told, if a child is autistic, that child does not belong in a classroom with children who are normal (and no - autism is not normal). That child in my opinion belongs in a special ed class, no matter how much mommieeeeee, dad-deeeee, and their shrink and lawyer want to make it otherwise.

Kids who behave should be rewarded, kids who misbehave should be talked to, then ridiculed, then embarassed as a consequence of their behavior, and if those don't work then should have their arses whooped to scare the bejeezus out of em. If nothing else works, then put them in special ed school or juvenile detention centers. It was a safer world, and a better one when such was routinely done; and we surely did not wind up with anywhere near as many young hoodlums as we have running wild in our schools and streets as we do today. When we pamper and spoil them no end regardless of their behavior we get what should be expected - soiled rotten young adults with absolutely no sense of responsibility for their own actions; aka: the typical criminal mentality.

Yes I guess that got my blood pressure up, but probably not because of the reason you were thinking.

All the best.
Glenn B

MightyMom said...

Glenn, you're confusing children who simply can't or won't behave with children who are just a bit akward in social situations.

Asperger's kids are not "special ed" kids. They are highly intelligent kids that need extra guidance in social situations. Obviously this teacher had no desire to give said guidance.

I do truly hope that all of your grandkids are healthy and normal. Or you may one day find yourself eating all those quite eloquent words.

Cookie..... said... my bloodpressure goin fer sure...

My grandson Joe has Aspergers, and he's extremely intelligent with some "savant" characteristics. He did suffer at the hands of some kids while he was in school, because as we all know, kids can be very cruel, but he never suffered anything like this poor lad...

Excuse me but I just gotta say it....The asshole freakin teacher...

Cookie..... said...

OH BTW...Glenn, I normally would not differ too much with a brother LEO, but your ignorance is showin mate....

ignorant redneck said...

things like this are why I hold "teaching" as the least respectable profession. I rate it just under "grifter".

Subvet said...

Glenn your ignorance regarding modern education is glaringly obvious.

The article states that the parents & administration were working towards a special ed program for the boy. Unlike previous years, special needs kids are now routinely mainstreamed unless the parents fight tooth and nail for what their kids need. I know this from close friends of mine who had to do that very thing in the Groton, CT system back in the 90's. The feds provide the money so there really isn't any excuse except sloth when the school districts are slow to put them in place.

While many juvenile delinquents cry the blues when they reach the courts and blame their upbringing, special needs, whatever, this kid was a whole 5 years old. I doubt he has the mental equipment to be that devious.

I can probably match any story you have regarding the Catholic school system of bygone years. I had the pleasure (?) of attending them out in Suffolk County. They sucked, period. Hell will freeze before my children are subjected to the same. My attitude is common amongst the formerly abused, we either avoid it like the plague or enthusiastically advocate the same suffering for future victims.

Your blanket statements justifying physical and emotional abuse of problem children shows little understanding of the consequences they entail. Having spent just a few hours in various AA meetings throughout the world I can say that the common theme of an abusive childhood runs through many storie, especially the stories of criminals with addictive behaviors. Those juvenile delinquents you refer to are quite often the product of the "discipline" you favor. Yep, there are plenty who use it as a catchall excuse with no real justification. There are also others who can justifiably cite it as a factor in their antisocial behaviors.

But don't take my word for it, go attend a few meetings yourself. Take an open mind though, your preconceptions will otherwise blind you. And don't expect these stories to come strictly from the mouths of society's rejects. There are a fair amount of high bottom alcoholics with that backgroun also.

Many of them also become cops.

VSO said...

I hear ya on those inhuman nuns Glenn, however I respectfuly disagree on this one.

Glenn B said...

Mighty Mom,

I am not confusing those children, the shrinks of the past 30 years have caused you to confuse them with a kid who needs a good kick in the pants. You see, recently, the doctor who first classified ADD announced that he believe up to an extremely high percentage of children diagnosed with ADD and given meds to combat it do not have it at all. My bet is, most kids diagnosed with this or that, don't have it at all. What they have are over spoiling parents, who pay doctors to hear what they want and expect to hear. They want the "its not my fault" dogma applied to themselves and their children, when in fact, if they took the proper responsibility for raising their children, there would be few if any problems, and few if any children diagnosed with these diseases.

Now when a child really has a mental defect, leading to disruptive behavior, which seemingly is exactly what they are saying the child in question had, well then that child in my opinion belongs in special ed. Why - because they are disruptive, they do not pay attention as do other children, and the teacher is not allowed to discipline them AS THEY WOULD WITH A NORMAL CHILD because the teacher will then face the stuff this teacher is getting now all because someone thinks this child special. If so special - then put him in special ed. I have no pity for a parent who pushed their special ed child into regular classes an allows the child to be disruptive, then wants to punish the teacher for taking firm, but appropriate action.

Now as for Cookie saying I am ignorant, but that normally she would not offend an LEO – oh please. I expect no special treatment because I am an LEO, and you should not normally offer special consideration to an LEO. That is the same mentality as the moonbats who coddle these children. As for the ignorance part, let me ask you - how close to an advanced degree in Psychology are you? I am pretty friggin close; and besides that I am old enough to remember when crap like this just did not happen because children were dealt with differently in my EXPERIENCE. The ignorance has been spewed out upon you by charlatans making believe they know the inner workings of the mind. I put off completing my advanced degree in Psychology due to scheduling problems with an externship; but then decided not to complete it at all because in good faith I could not become one of those hypocritical moonbats who think of themselves as all knowing mind readers. Sigmund, Freud, Ana Freud, B.F. Skinner, Benjamin Spock, Carl Jung, Michael Rutter, Sula Wolf, would all tell you a different way to handle such children.

The truth of the matter is that special education classes suit such children well, and more importantly they help to protect the integrity of the learning atmosphere in a classroom for normal children who are not overly disruptive. In addition such a class greatly benefits such a disruptive child because the teachers for special education classes are, at least here in my state, certified and have degrees in the appropriate field to address special needs children. I fyou do not think that a child as disruptive as the one mentioned in the article is a special needs child, then why all the fuss. If the child had indeed been normal, he would have been able to easily overcome the embarrassment and adapt his behavior to avoid any future embarrassment – in other words his behavior likely would have improved.

Spare the rod, spoil the child - I beleive that type of pragmatic outlook because for hundreds if not thousands of years it worked well; and because the current psycho-babble and spoil them rotten approach is failing our children miserably - just look to the streets of San Francisco any time to see what I mean.

All the best,
Glenn B

MightyMom said...

Go ahead, ban his pompous ass.

This is your blog and those who disagree should keep their comments to a brief statement or two, then back off. Not forge ahead insulting your commentors.

Cookie..... said...

First of all Glenn, I'm not a she, I'm a he, and if you had bothered to investigate me by clicking the link back to my site you would have known that, but I have a suspicion that you are also a poor investigator as well as ignorant...which brings me to my next point.

The word ignorant simply means "not knowing" or doesn't mean stupid (incapable of learning), so when I referred to you as ignorant, it was in the text of not being aware of something, just as I am "ignorant" of say...Astrophysics". Maybe you should have have investigated what Aspergers was before you so impulsively jumped in to this discussion...ah thats right...I don't investigate things thoroughly.

Next, I'm 63 years old, a Retired Detective Sergeant (Homicide and Asst. Director to the Crime Lab) and hold a New York State Credential for Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Counseling (CASAC), as well as for Family and PTSD Counseling (mainly for Vietnam Vets, Cops and Sexual Abuse survivors). Now in case you are also ignorant of these Credentials, they overlap extensively into the Mental Health field so that I can make "Duel Diagnosis" when appropriate, this simply means I can use the DSM IVR to make a second Mental Health diagnosis when needed. If your so close to your Psychology degree, certainly you must know what the DSM is.....right Glenn? BTW...what NYS Credentials/License(s) do you hold sport? asked about these Credentials.

Next....I'm as far from a moonbat as one can get, but again, if you had taken the time to look a little further (investigate) my blog, you would have known that.

Not disagreeing with you was only an act of professional courtesy, but now that I see that you are only someone whose EGO has been tweeked and he can't admit his error, I guess it wasn't warranted at any rate.


jacquie said...

I simply had to weigh in a bit having had actual experience over the last 29 years in real classrooms with actual children as opposed to studying psychology. I have found over the years that folks tend to support the type of schooling they had if they feel it worked for them. All children can learn and behave with a skilled teacher. In my opinion, Glenn is living in another time when it comes to education. Effective classrooms have nothing to do with coddling children or abusing them. Children can be taught effectively without doing either.
His stories of his Catholic school experience remind me of a doctor in the NICU in which my son was a patient 19 years ago talking of the outdated an ineffective procedures they used at that time, except this man was proud to be a part of all the changes that have occurred in those 19 years. Isn't it wonderful the new strategies, procedures, meds etc that we have now. Only those who are stuck in the past continue to advocate for ideas that are past their time. If Glenn would do further research he would find that the systems that we have in place are actually educating more children effectively than in the past. While we have many challenges in education in this country and many students who aren't living up to their potential, those of us who work on a daily basis to develop children refuse to live in the past. We work on a daily basis to learn from our mistakes so that we can make a difference for the youth in our country. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.

... said...

i don't have credentials in either psychology or teaching - just a simple youth worker who HAS worked with teenagers with aspergers.

i can only imagine what life would be like for these kids if they hadn't been integrated into the otherwise normal world around them. not only are they blessed but the "normal" kids learn from having to interact with others that are different from them. this will only benefit them as they go on to live in the real world. we need more tolerance - not less!

although challenged (in some way) kids are difficult at times, they can teach us and bless us in so many ways. sometimes all it takes is an open mind.

MightyMom said...

ok, everyone needs to reread the last paragraph of Diana's comment about 200 times!

it's the God's Honest Truth.

I have worked with special needs kids since I was in High School (long before having my own).

Stephanie D said...

Glenn, I think you are missing a major point here. What is this teacher teaching the OTHER children? That it's okay to be cruel and mean? That it's okay to stomp all over another person's feelings because they are different, or weaker? That this child is not WORTHY of the same respect as every other child in that schoolroom? THAT mindset is what results in "soiled (sic) rotten young adults with absolutely no sense of responsibility for their own actions; aka: the typical criminal mentality".

How are THEIR parents going to handle this? Punish them for doing what their teacher wanted them to do, even though she was wrong?

HELLLLLOOOOO! These are FIVE-YEAR-OLDS, for crying out loud! NOT TEENAGERS! And she is supposed to be the adult. Children at this age believe that adults are right and must be obeyed. They look to adults for what is right and what is wrong. It was not right to involve them in her own biases and hate campaigns.

And they look to adults to protect them. Do you think this little boy feels protected? Do you think he will be able to trust in positions of leadership now? I doubt it.

Maybe those nuns warped you, Glenn. Because a normal, compassionate person would find something seriously wrong with this woman's behavior--and those nuns' behavior, too. This was not "firm and appropriate behavior." This was abuse.

And if she cannot comprehend that, it's TIME she was slapped with a big ugly lawsuit, because some people only learn through their purses/wallets.

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