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Friday, May 16, 2008

The California Supreme Court on Gay Marriage.

I believe it's the start of many other things. This article here comes up with a nice way to describe it, "judicial oligarchy".

Truth to tell, it's only the most blatant and latest example of government by judicial fiat. We'll be seeing much more. Pick your cause; euthanasia, abortion limits, hate speech, castle doctrine, there is no limit to this thing. The old question, "Who will guard the guards?" comes to mind.

This is the logical outcome of divorcing our culture from it's Judeo-Christian roots. We're becoming a people not governed by rule of law drawing it's inspiration from reverance of the Almighty, we're now governed by whatever is considered politically correct. "I'm okay, you're okay and the only true crime is passing judgement."

With our traditional morals now firmly disconnected from the legal system, those of us who would wish otherwise will soon be the pariahs.

Time for everyone to grow a backbone and some steel balls, we'll need them in coming years. Jackboots can be worn by well meaning, touchy-feely liberals too.

Speaking of balls (or lack of) where the hell are the Catholic bishops on this thing? I read one brief statement that quoted the California bishops as being "disappointed". Disappointed my ass!

Hey, it's time for some fire and brimstone teaching from the pulpits. If Jeremiah Wright can get away with his shit about the government planting AIDS in the black community, our "esteemed" clerical leaders should be able to start drawing comparisons between us and Sodom.

Because IMHO that is exactly where we're heading. As our morals and ethics go swirling down the bowl we'll find ourselves on the receiving end of a divinely inspired asswhipping.

Where the hell is the outrage?


MightyMom said...

now see, you really need to learn not to hold back so much in your posts. folks might not realize that you really do feel strongly on these things!

well, you know where I stand.

I believe we cannot turn a blind eye to the things we disagree with...even if that means leaving the church of our youth.

ignorant redneck said...

Dude, I don't think you understand, they're from the government, and they're here to help! (OK, that was bad--i deserve no dessert tonight.)

Really, we were warned about this in the scriptures, and we were warned about the politics of this crap, right up until it happened because we, as a society, are much more concerned with buying shiney new things, getting laid and not being in any way responsible for anything. I.E.--we complacently let ourselves be sold down the river.

Hold fast to your faith--because in the end, that is all that will help.

(as a personal aside--this storey helped me remember why I took up daily pot smoking. Things like this didn't bother me that way. Now I'm clean--and it bothers the sh*t outta me. Maybe, if I hadn't been so lazy and stoned, my voice could have helped. Mea Culpa--for all the millions of us.)

Cookie..... said...

Damnit Subvet...why don't ya tell us how ya REALLY feel!

...and secondly....HERE HERE!

Anonymous said...

The camels nose is in the tent already. What most people don't realize is that now that these states have legalized perversion, all the other states have to accept it. It won't be long before ALL the staes cave in.

Anonymous said...

I think an important thing to remember is that the State should not discriminate against people.

Gays should have a right to marry, not just "friends with benefits."

Subvet said...

Anonymous, put whatever lipstick on the pig you'd like, some guy packing another's fudge is wrong. Evidently a fair number of Californians agree with those sentiments, the piece of legislation that was deemed unconstitutional had been voted in by the people of that state. So much for government by, for and of the people.

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