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Monday, October 22, 2007

"You can't deport 12 million people!"

Nope, sure can't. But you can make it uncomfortable enough for them that they start leaving on their own.

I drive past a pickup area for day workers every morning. Their numbers have dropped dramatically these past few months. Funny how that happens.

IMHO the voice of John Q. Public is starting to be heard and he ain't happy. Activist judges be damned, the time will come when they also will be completely disregarded. Then it's really gonna get interesting!

In many ways it's seemed that the elites of our nation have been trying to wait us out on this topic. I could be as wrong as a football bat but many times I've gotten the sense that the resistance to reigning in illegal immigration is driven by the idea we'll be worn out with fighting at some point and will just give in. How we could be expected to be worn out when a trip to the ER is like going into a third world country is beyond me. How do we become resigned to the "inevitable" when the arrogance of the illegals is inadvertently shoved into our faces by the MSM? It's a sign of how out of touch with reality the media is that they don't realize the effect of broadcasting the defiant marchers and protesters who shrilly claim a "right" to be here. I don't know what those broadcasts are supposed to do, what they ARE doing is helping our spines to stiffen up.

Loved this one; "If activist judges block state and local enforcement, the public reaction could rival the anger over decisions about abortion and forced busing."

Amen to that. Yes Virginia, this shit is dropping in the fan!


falcon_01 said...

I can't wait for the "sanctuary cities" to be so overrun that they fall to total chaos, and the citizens that wanted to welcome the illegals with open arms and give them a free ride have to wake up and do something.

Cookie..... said...

...and Falcon 01, I truly believe that there will be a day of reckoning for these cities somewheres down the road. We can start by taking away their discretionary Federal funds...

I've always liked the free birdseed anology...take away the free birdseed and the birds leave....

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THIS is depressing!!
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