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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence get indulged.

Yep, that's two "sisters" waiting to receive Communion out in San Francisco. They received the sacrament from Archbishop Niederauer himself.
Quite often when I go to various Catholic sites and start slamming our "esteemed" bishops I'm told we owe them our love and respect. Sorry, things like this make me want to puke. IMHO, love and respect given due to a position you hold merely means you're piggybacking on the accomplishments and sacrifices of those who came before you. Needless to say, this archbishop will never be confused with Fulton Sheen!
I'm glad to be back in the Catholic Church but in all honesty, we've a lot of housecleaning to do before our clerics start dictating morality to anyone else.
Didn't Christ warn us of false prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing? This is literally a case of, "By their fruits ye shall know them."
Thinking on it a bit more I have to wonder why the ushers didn't stop these clowns in the first place? That doesn't excuse the archbishop, but there seems to be plenty of blame to spread around in this.


Glenn Bartley said...

The ushers probably did not stop them because this is the norm in San Fransicko. It is a sad commentary on what we can become; Maybe I should say it is a sad commentary on what others can become, because if I started to become like that, I would take drastic action to end it.

pyrosapien2819 said...

It makes me feel violent. We must train up our sons and plant the seeds of a vocation to the priesthood. This problem of weak bishops won't go away until the best (those with fidelity to the teachings of the Church) of todays Catholics set an example of fidelity in their lives and honor above all other vocations (Doctor, lawyer, teacher, firefighter, cop...) that of the Catholic priest.

MightyMom said...

well, clowns was just the RIGHT WORD!

Subvet said...

Glenn, you might be right there. Could be a case of famililarity (sp?) breeding complacency.

Pyronsapien2819, amen to all you say. I think we Catholics have to set a good example and demand our clergy do the same. The ideas of "I'm okay, you're okay" and "it's all relative" have got to be chucked into the trash.

Mightymom, thanks sweetie.

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