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Friday, October 19, 2007


The following military members died between Sept. 23-29 in Iraq or Afghanistan. God rest their souls and may we spare a moment to think about them and their families.

Sgt. Robert T. Ayres III, 23 years old California
Spc. Chirasak Vidhyarkorn, 32 years old New York
Staff Sgt. Kevin R. Brown, 38 years old Oklahoma
Staff Sgt. Zachary B. Tomczak, 24 years old South Dakota
Cpl. Anthony K. Bento, 23 years old California
Staff Sgt. Donnie D. Dixon, 37 years old Florida
Sgt. 1st Class James D. Doster, 37 years old Arkansas
Sgt. Zachary D. Tellier, 31 years old North Carolina
Spc. Ciara M. Durkin, 30 years old Maryland
Sgt. 1st Class Randy L. Johnson, 34 years old DC
Pfc. Matthew D. Taylor, 21 years old California
Pfc. Christopher F. Pfeifer, 21 years old Nebraska
Petty Officer 2nd Class Charles Luke Milam, 26 years old Colorado
Sgt. 1st Class Matthew D. Blaskowski, 27 years old Missisippi
Pvt. Thorbjorn O. Reese, 22 years old Denmark
Pvt. Mikkel K. Sorensen, 23 years old Denmark
Cpl. Nathan Hornburg, 24 years old Canada
Pvt. German Perez Towns, 33 years old Spain
Pvt. Stanley Mera Vera, 20 years old Ecuador

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falcon_01 said...

"We meet 'neath the sounding rafters,
The walls around us are bare;
They echo the peals of laughter;
It seems the dead are there.
So stand by your glasses steady,
This world is a world of lies.
Here's a toast for the dead already;
Hurrah for the next one who dies."

"Cut off from the land that bore us,
Betrayed by the land we find.
The good men have gone before us,
And only the dull left behind.
So stand by your glasses steady,
This world is a web of lies.
Here's a toast to the dead already;

My brothers in arms, rest in peace for you've earned it- those remaining salute you, thank you for buying us time, and stand ready on the home-front. God Bless.

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THIS is depressing!!
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