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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On the emasculation of little boys.

Just how stupid is this?

One of the bits of trivia I picked up over the years is a story of how Ulysses found Achilles when he was looking for warriors. Seems Achilles mother knew her son would die in battle so when Ulysses showed up she had her boy dress like a girl and hide amongst the maids.

Ulysses then spread out an array of gifts for the women, mostly "girlie" stuff but off to the side he placed a set of weapons and armor. Achilles went straight towards those and ignored the eyeshade and lipstick.

Moral: Boys will be boys. Deal with it! We like things that go BOOM! rather than Barbie dolls, even to the point of drawing the BOOM! sticks. Real men (and boys) LIKE physical trials, manly rituals, etc. We're genetically programmed to drive women nuts with things like football parties, voluntarily going for the difficult in life, testing our strength and skill against each other. We're MEN and we want our boys to be that way too! Given one tenth of a chance those boys will emulate those ideals. Check out the movie "300". It's a comic book on screen but it's immensely popular because it speaks to us of honor, courage, sacrifice for ideals. All the things that make a man a MAN!

It's why Melville's "Moby Dick" isn't just about some cripple's obsession with a big fish, it's about a magnificent obsession. A man's willingness to pit himself against the impossible, implacable monoliths of nature and defy them to the very end.

It's why the tale of the Alamo resonates so deeply within us. It isn't a tale about some suicidal, disgruntled land grabbing Anglos. It's about being willing to look Death in the eye and hock up a greasy green lunger into that eye! To stand for an ideal even though it would be easy to slink off and fight another day.

It's why Will Kane of "High Noon" is so revered. Making a stand when all others beat feet for the highway, knowing he'll probably die but preferring death to dishonor. Mourning the almost certain loss of his love but knowing as a MAN he can do nothing but take a stand.

These sort of things resonate with men and with all boys who would be MEN! It's in our nature and no amount of PC groupthink in school administrations is EVER going to stamp it out. Till the last true man breathes his last defiant breath, men will strive to be MEN and boys will look up to them!

So these idiots can continue trying to emasculate the male children of today. They're going to fail. They've a better chance of raising the level of the tide by pissing into the ocean.

Just my opinion.


Cookie..... said...

Like yur style amigo...tellin it like it is...plain & simple...

Trouble is...the guys that suspended the 7 year old boy...if you'd a dresseed them in girls cloths when they were young...they woulda liked it....

MightyMom said...

so, should we get the boys water pistols for Christmas dear?

Masher said...

Capguns this year, BB guns next followed by pellet guns then 22's.

ignorant redneck said...

Dirt bags who fear masculinity, courage, fun and plain old fashion guts emasulate little boys because if they tried it with us they'd get the crap beat out of 'em.

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