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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A House full of useful idiots.

Well, I'd say they're all ready for the American people to bend over and take it like a man.

Sorry, I've no real problem with a resolution of this sort. Honestly, I don't. But it shouldn't happen until we've sounded out the depths of this "religion" and how it affects the Muslim version of John Q. Public. Running full tilt towards a group hug and choruses of "Kumbayah" is crap when we consider just how much the West in general and the USA in particular is vilified in lands controlled by followers of the pedophile prophet.

"Religion of Peace" my ass. We've been cajoled and pushed into that mindset since 9/11/01 by both sides of the political aisle. Yet no one really seems willing to take a good hard look at this "religion" except for bloggers like Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Victor David Hanson, Michelle Malkin and a few others. The MSM, Hollyweird and the leaders of all major Christian denominations fall all over themselves trying to prove their "sensitivity" and appreciation of "nuance" in dealing with the Muslims.

I'm not of the "kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" mindset. That gets me into heated arguments on sites like the Center For Vigilant Freedom and a few others. Those sites have some truly wonderful people that don't quite see my point on this. So discussions with some of them can get lively. I just don't automatically assume because someone hoists their ass in the air while bowing towards Mecca that they're my enemy. Falcon_01 had a great post the other day that illustrates my point. We may have some allies in the Muslim faith. Not just in the political process of this country but in other parts of the world also. I read the postings of independent reporters like JD Johannes at Outside The Wire and I think there's probably more similarities than differences with us and the Muslim man on the street. Chasing them off by making a blanket condemnation of all Mo's followers isn't just unChristian, it's damned stupid. We lose potential allies by that thinking.

But before we start routinely embracing anyone packing a Koran we should really check out these beliefs and the believers in depth. Because 9/11/01 was perpetrated in the name of Islam it's up to the members of that faith to prove themselves trustworthy. That hasn't happened to my satisfaction yet. If that's being a bigot then I gladly embrace that title.

The more I see news articles like the one referenced here, the more I tend to apply the brakes to accepting this "religion" without question. I feel I'm like a lot of Americans, I've got some hard questions that get asked only by those not of a "feelgood" mentality. Those questions have multiplied over the past several years and I've yet to get satisfactory answers to ANY of them. This isn't some lab experiment we'll all walk away from at the end of the day. Our leaders and elites are actively constructing a world our children and grandchildren will be living in for the next several generations. We need to get ALL the hard questions answered before we start the lovefest. That isn't happening and it's damned disturbing.

After 9/11/01 I saw a woman in a local grocery store wearing the hajib of the Muslims. I thought, "Man, I'll bet things are tough for her and her family right now." Recently I saw another woman dressed in the same manner and I wondered how long it would be until her menfolk and I would be sighting at each other over a gun barrel. Times are changing and not necessarily for the better.

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