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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Falling all over themselves in white guilt/dhimmitude.

'Well, now you know how black men feel"!

That comment came from a moderator at a seminar I attended some years back after a number of black churches in the South got torched. Remember that story? Seems the Feds never tied them all together, it was just a fluke that stopped gaining attention after a few white churches also went up in flames.

Anyway, this seminar was one of those feel-good exercises put on by well meaning liberals where blacks and whites got together to discuss race relations. IMHO it's a waste of time. The comment I started this post with illustrates my point. A white, middleaged male spoke of how he'd been edged out of a job by a black coworker. No rancor or animosity, the man had moved on and gotten employment elsewhere. That didn't stop the moderator (a former mayor of New London, CT.) from smugly making the remark I started this post with. Seems theres a game of payback going on in the minds of some people and if a total innocent gets burned in it (as this man did) that doesn't matter. Somewhere, sometime black folk got discriminated against and now it's time to take it out on any white thats handy. The whites should just take it on the chin in the interests of payback being called for. Or so the reasoning seems to go.

That thought came to mind while reading this item. Being "culturally" sensitive seems to be all the rage for dealing with followers of the pedophile prophet. Now these medical workers will have to defer to the sensibilities of another religion just because sometime, somewhere there might have been animosity directed towards them. Phooey. Where are the Crusades when we need 'em?

It never enters the minds of the liberal loons who promulgate crap like this that they're creating a de facto caste system. Dhimmitude at it's finest. Hell, the Islamofacists don't have to lift a finger. The useful idiots in Western Culture will do it all for them.

But I'm sure in the interest of fair play that when Good Friday comes along and all Catholics are required to abstain from meat the same clueless fools will fall all over themselves restricting meat dishes in the workplace.

Just don't hold your breath.

And if you think this is something we won't be seeing here in the States soon, think again. There are already colleges with footbaths installed for Muslims to use, a taxpayer funded madrass being built in NYC, children in various schools encouraged to live like Muslims for a day/week, etc and etc.

It seems that finding "victims" is a major preoccupation of the liberal elites. Thats what ties in my memory of the church burning seminars and the article from Scotland. Because once the cry of "racism" was heard in connection with those arson cases people fell all over themselves trying to prove they were enlightened. During that time the race hustlers worked overtime to get the benefits of white guilt. Same thing since 9/11, everyone seems to go out of their way to prove they don't hold any animus toward Muslims. Before the jets hit the WTC who ever heard of this lunacy? Islam was regarded as a quaint set of beliefs held by a mostly backwards people in other parts of the world. Now the liberal loons in our political and cultural elites can't kiss enough Muslim ass. Followers of the pedophile prophet are raking in the benefits of white guilt as fast as they can.

I wonder, if the 9/11 bombers had been Italian Catholics would we have holy water fonts in public schools by now with First Friday devotions being mandatory? To tell the truth, I've always fancied the statue showing St. Michael the Archangel triumphant over Satan. Wouldn't it look great near a school playground? Think of all the foreign aid we could give the Vatican? How about military hardware ala the jets we're sending to Saudi Arabia? I know the Swiss Guards might have a problem with flight helmets and don't have any ideas where they could put their pikes (don't go there!) but I'm sure something could be worked out.

Because we all know that somewhere, sometime, Italian Americans were slighted due to the Mafia, Sacco & Vanzetti, etc. Definite need for cultural sensitivity on the part of the rest of us, right? We would just need to "understand" them and their animosity towards us.

Pass the pizza please.

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MightyMom said...

“The idea is to get faith in the workplace out in the open."

Pardon me while I say the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) a few times a day....LOUDLY.....

Oh, and I'll take a chili dog with cheese and mustard, hold the onions.

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