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Friday, July 27, 2007

Sharia in San Diego schools.

A good example of the need for vigilance over our schools.

I really don't view this as any kind of victory for non-Muslims. Yes, the single gender classes will stop and the prayer time during class is ended. But they've gone and configured the lunch schedule around prayer time. Sounds like some kind of shell game to me. Wouldn't hold my breath about mixing the boys & girls in class either. Having gone to my share of Catholic schools I know you can put one sex on the left hand side of the room and the other on the right hand side. I'll bet there will be a seating change along those lines soon.

The ease with which this happened in the first place is what jerks my chain. Here's a shining example of nitwit education administrators falling all over themselves to appease followers of the pedophile prophet. A prime reason for parents to get actively involved in the schools their kids are going to because when little Johnny sees the adults treating Muslims as a special class he'll start emulating them. Children learn what they live and grow up to live what they've learned.


Cookie..... said...

Ya know Subvet...I've been readin yurs, and the Mrs blog fer some time now...and I truly wish that more parents in this country were like the both of you, raising your children with lots of love...tempered with healthy doses of appropriate, mild corporal discipline....

Subvet said...

Thanks Cookie, unfortunately a lot of this comes from the personal experience of knowing what the alternative can be. The missus had a childhood from Hell and I learned from the mistakes of raising my oldest son (now 23 yrs. old). But if it works out for the best interests of our three youngins then it will all be worth while.

jennifer said...

I think that you are right. Parents need to get involved!

MightyMom said...

spare the rod... Cookie

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THIS is depressing!!
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