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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Questions on the troop surge in Iraq and withdrawal.

Since the final contingents of the troops needed for this surge just got in place, isn't it premature to call it a failure?

When do we stop second guessing the military and let them do their job without someone always looking over their shoulders? Our taxes pay for them to be the best trained force in the world, why not take the restraints off and let them give us our money's worth?

If I start whacking a hornet's nest you can bet even the ones not present will come back ASAP to get me. Seems to be the same with the jihadists flocking to Iraq, they're beating feet to get in on the action (i.e. get their butts blown away, seems following Islam really makes you stupid!). So doesn't that justify the reasoning of "better to have our military fight them over there than to have them come over here"?

Just on a general note that I can't put anywhere else; making love not war sounds like a great statement but if my memory of history is correct there were Indian tribes who did wholesale conversions to Christianity with that idea in mind. As soon as they laid down their tomahawks they were wiped out by the Five Nations of the Iriquois. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea, just as turning the other cheek to the followers of the pedophile prophet might not be so great. In a rat race only rats can win.

Just the opinions of a retired turd chaser.


jennifer said...

The retired turd chaser matches the short sassy happy housewife's post exactly...

Feel free to jump over and read my latest post...White Flag,Again? I think that enough is enough.

Great post. I was wondering if on Thursday I could spotlight your blog. I love the moxey, and I think others will too! Let me know...mightymom has my email!

jennifer said...

Oops I commented under my homeschool blog, the White Flag,Again, is at

Sorry, but feel free to read all the mushy pen of jen family happenings over there!!As if three wee ones don't keep you busy.

Subvet said...

Spotlight away! I'll take all the hits I can get!

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