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Friday, July 13, 2007

Nannystate and "Sicko" connection.

One of the reasons I'm dead set against universal health care can be found here.

If we get the government involved in our healthcare system to where they pony up our tax money to pay for medical procedures & meds, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll want to get very intimately involved in what we eat, how often, etc.

Look at the popularity of "sin taxes" that target cigarettes and booze. Sounds really great to discourage these habits but IMHO it's really nobody's business but the consumers as to what they smoke or drink. It's called free will and the right to choose (funny how liberals believe that right to choose only applies to sucking an unborn baby's brains out of it's skull, but thats another topic).

So leave my Doritos and BLT sandwiches alone! I'll pay my premiums and copay for the cholesterol meds, thanks.

And Uncle Sam can keep his dirty little peter-pullers out of my wallet and off my dinner plate!


Anonymous said...

Copy all on that, brother.

MightyMom said...

one person's rights stop when they impede on another's rights. So long as I don't have to pay for your lung transplant, you're not impeding on my rights...that is unless you're blowing smoke in my face.

Yup, I agree that big central govt is a bad idea in every instance....that's why they call me Republican.

Cookie..... said...

I have an old couple in their late 70's living next to me and they are as far left as ya can get without being Moonbats. We've had to make a pact not to discuss politics of left and right wing philosophies cause we're about as opposite as folks can get in out thinkin...

Was talkin to them today and they said they were going to see a movie tonight...and I said "I'll bet your going to see Sicko by Mikie Moore...and she looked very surprised and stated they were...

Then she started talking about Farenheit 911 and what a great movie that was....I wanted to puke all over their livingroom. So when I stated that most of what he had said in that movie had been shown to either be false, or an out and out blatant lie...she said..."Well...I don't know anything about that...but Moore is an outstanding person with an impeccable reputation". I had to leave or the fireworks would still be going on....

Subvet said...

Sonarman, good to hear from you again. Welcome back.

Mightymom, you've given me a lot of enlightenment about the problems with the health care system. One of the bennies of being married to a nurse!

Cookie, while she was spewing that garbage did you hear "Twilight Zone" theme music?

MightyMom said...

thanks babe, I do like to run my mouth sometimes.... ;-)

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