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Friday, June 29, 2007

These guys must have balls as big as grapefruit!!

For years I've wondered what a good example of "chutzpah" would be. Now I know!
Mexico President: Senate Made Grave Error

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The U.S. Senate made a grave error by failing to pass legislation that would have led to the legalization of millions of unlawful immigrants, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said Thursday.
The bill’s collapse will close the door to legal immigration, encourage continued illegal immigration and human rights violations and decrease security on both sides of the border, Calderon said.
He added that the measure would have been a “sensible, rational, legal solution to the immigration problem,” and its failure will hurt the competitiveness of both the U.S. and Mexico.
The U.S. “economy could not prosper and advance without the labor of Mexican and Central American immigrants,” he told a news conference held with visiting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.
Calderon has pushed hard for immigration reform while strongly criticizing a 700-mile (1,100-kilometer) border-security fence approved by Congress and President Bush.
Salvadoran President Tony Saca also lamented the measure’s failure, saying, “What a shame. What a shame.”

Taken from the online edition of the Tyler Post.

IMHO they should focus more on cleaning up the Third World toilets they live in rather than criticizing us for trying to preserve our national integrity and security.


falcon_01 said...

"Bush wanted to do something good, but the Senate wouldn't let him. It's disappointing," Miguel Gonzalez, 37, who has been in the United States for five year, said in Spanish.

"I have heard nothing but proposals and more proposals since I arrived ... but they all get thrown out for one reason or another," the Mexican national added with a shrug.

It seems like everywhere I go there is some paper making it look like it was a bad thing that the bill got squashed. Even some senators are being shone in a positive light for voting for it and calling the laws unenforceable! The failed legislation would have been worse! What gives with all the focus on law-breakers being portrayed as unfairly treatd?
I am so sick of the media spinning things.

I worry that maybe next time the people will not be listened to at the last minute! What happens then?

jennifer said...

I love that we are even posting that we care about what another country says concerning our national security!

Mexico wants their northern border open, yet they are very aggressive on their southern border! Their statements ooze of double standards, yet our MSM will never report this part of the story.

We are going to have get serious or say goodbye to our home land as we are under a full scale massive invasion.

Oh well, as you read I am rambling, which is because you have triggered thought!

Excellent post except I believe that the title could have been better These guys must have cojones as big as grapefruit!!!!!!!!!

I came over because your sweet wife sent me over!

Subvet said...

falcon_01 I normally don't say such things but when the government completely ignores the people we'll start remembering why the 2nd Amendment was put in the Constitution. Just my opinion.

Subvet said...

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. I'd have used "cajones" but it seemed just a bit too ironic, given the nature of my own post.

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