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Thursday, May 31, 2007

"How things used to be"

"20-30 years ago everyone would have just written it off as him being slow, nowadays though there's all kinds of testing and criteria for kids to meet."

That was me talking to a coworker and explaining why my two oldest kids with the War Department are getting speech and physical therapy sessions every week. Like I said, not too long ago it would have been handled differently, these days though if parents aren't proactive and aggressively address any perceived problem/fault in their kids the tykes run the risk of being pigeonholed into a special-ed category. So the WD and I are on top of things despite our own feelings that it's not too big a deal and this will all pass. It's all in the genes, her father didn't start speaking until the age of four when he broke his arm and couldn't point to what he wanted. I had a speech impediment till I was about 5-6. No big deal but times have changed.

And that got me to thinking that it's true in all areas of our lives, times/things change regardless of what we may want. One of my favorite stories involves knowing how I had made the right decision to retire from Uncle Sam's canoe club, basically I was in a situation where I couldn't tell the men from the women. Time to go! But though everything had gotten to where I was being left behind I can't say it was for the worse. Too damned many will take that line, i.e. things were better "back when". It's horseshit. Things are as they are, some are worse now but some are better also.

Complaining that the world has gone to Hell in a handbasket just emphasizes our own refusal to accept life on it's terms. In this instance I'll jump up and bitch how the nanny state will try pigeonholing my kids if I don't stay on top of things, but by the same token that nanny state will now take a child out of an abusive enviornment that would have been accepted in times past. Gotta take the shit with the sugar in this life.

IMHO we can pick any topic and find something to complain about, especially those of us "getting on in years". But we can use a little effort and find things to be grateful for also. As fellow blogger "Cookie" recently stated on the 17th of April, an attitude of gratitude will help your outlook on life, make you a more pleasant person to be around and get you through the tough times.

The War Department won't let me get away with too much complaining. If I gripe about having to always put my kids into car seats designed by NASA for astronauts she'll remind me of a time as a kid when I almost shot out the rear door of the family car as my mom drove around a sharp curve. If I complain about not being able to sit my son on my lap and let him steer the car she'll remind me of how I almost ran down a neighbor at the age of four when I crawled behind the wheel and let the brake out. It's what I get for telling all my war stories to her!

So things aren't perfect, they never were. The policians aren't listening, did they ever unless someone raised a stink? The followers of the pedophile prophet are becoming a threat, still beats the hell out of deciding if I need to buy a bombshelter! Kids are immoral and the pop culture encourages it, well no matter what I've only got to worry about my three and how they turn out. The list goes on and on.

Life isn't Burger King, we don't get it "our way". There's still a hell of a lot to smile about though. If you're my age (54) or older just think of all the assholes you've outlived so far, that's a start!

Just my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you said all that WITHOUT saying "you're either a part of the problem or a part of the solution"!!!!!

And yes, the secret to a happy marriage is to listen to the old fart...listen closely, hang on every word, take notes if you need to...because everything he says you can and will use against him at a later date.

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