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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fred Thompson vs. Michael Moore

Up till now I haven't paid too much attention to the idea of Fred Thompson as a Presidential candidate. It's just a bit too pat how he's been hyped as the next Reagan so I've leaned more towards Duncan Hunter. Plus Thompson hasn't said squat to answer the question of his being a possible candidate, maybe this is due to his contractural obligations as an actor. That's been mentioned on at least one site. But overall I've been leery about the guy.

However now Michael Moore challenges him here and Thompson immediately answers him with a real smackdown here. WOW, I couldn't slam a shithouse door that hard! I'm impressed at the speed of his reply and the bluntness of it. Maybe this guy would be Presidential timber after all. He certainly knows the power of the internet and how to use it. Check it out, Moore's letter is dated the 15th and Thompson's reply goes out within hours. There's no time for in-depth consultation with media experts on his staff or holding his finger to the wind of public opinion. And the reply is over a medium that won't allow for the distortions/editing/relegating to the obit section that so often happens with the MSM.

Thompson doesn't mince words or use a spokesman either. After 7+ years of George W's "using a soft answer to turn away wrath" or replying via his mouthpieces it's refreshing to see someone get down and dirty when he's called out.


Old Gary said...

If I was to vote today, I'd go for Romney and Thompson or Thompson and Romney as Pres. and V. Pres. All the others are kind of wishy washy.

Anonymous said...

ho damn!!
nice, vera nice

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