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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Exercise advice from the good doctor.

Found this cited as an excerpt from "The Heart Attack Grill Diet", written by "Dr." Jon at ;

"...The key problem with the traditional methods of prescribing exercise is that the physician often overlooks the very important factor of human motivation. How many times have we all begun an exercise program only to find that in just a few short weeks we've totally abandoned the endeavor. One must always keep in mind that it is the "why" rather than the "how" one goes about introducing exercise into their daily routine."...more aggressive sexual positions ensure a greater caloric expenditure and the necessary movement of lymphatic fluid..."

After decades of observing patients, I've concluded that a much higher level of success was made by those who've introduced a significantly younger (20 years or greater) sexual partner into their lives. With the greatest progress being made by those who've maintained not one, but several such mistresses simultaneously. It seems that the continual rotation of younger sexual partners fosters an environment with greater anonymity and less emotional connection. These factors serve to motivate the subject by placing them into a continual "hunters" mode and thus ensure a greater psychological emphasis toward maintaining the prescribed exercise level..."

Hey, this guy says he's a doctor and who am I to disagree?


Anonymous said...

I'm dropping my Doctor immediately and going to see Dr. Jon!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that this guy hasn't been thrown in prison for impersonating a Doctor. What an absolute bastard! Telling men that the way to stay in shape is to have sex with younger women. What's this world comming to?????

Old Gary said...

I did 12,000 situps this morning. Now where's my reward?

Anonymous said...

of course, the same is true for women.....maybe I should get a younger man to help work off this baby fat :-) Actually, since I've had 3 babies in <4 years I'll need 3 younger partners.....guess I should keep ol' subvet around to help with maintenance weight too.....if only we had a pool...then we could get a poolboy!!!

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