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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Islamist fueled immigration to our shores.

"Unintended consequences" is a very fashionable term these days. IMHO it used more often than not by some idiot trying to appear more intelligent than God ever meant for him to be. At least thats how it is when I try to use it!

But it has some truth at times.

How about the unintended consequences of immigration brought on by the growing Islamification of the world? Where do the disaffected and disillusioned wind up? Seems this nation would be one spot.

What got me thinking about this was this article. It talks about the Netherlands but I'm thinking it could apply to anywhere in the world these days. What happens when a 20-30 year old takes a good look and sees theres no future for their children in the homeland? More importantly, given the Islamification I already referenced, what attitudes will this future immigrant to another land bring with him? I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut it won't be everlasting love and affection for the followers of the pedophile prophet.

So this immigrant finds themselves in a new land where more of the Islamists are starting to come in. He knows he just can't pack up and keep moving, that option was already used. He's probably in a democracy of sorts so he'll opt to have his voice heard. Perhaps with more dedication than a native born citizen who has never experienced the attitudes and actions of Muslims as he has. Maybe with less tolerance for the PC crap we've all become accustomed to. In her book, "Why They Hate" Brigette Gabrielle pretty much sets the tone of the immigrant I've got in mind. She is definetly PO'ed and with good reason!

The land the immigrant left becomes progressively more Islamicized while the one he now lives in becomes progressively less so, due in no small part to his voice and that of others like him. This sort of thing hasn't been addressed in depth in any of the blogs I frequent, so I wonder if its sneaking on into the real world only to someday pop up to the suprise of all.

Just a thought.

Along with that is the thinking brought on by this article here. His comment about leaving one sinking ship for another really hit home. But I wonder how accurately he can gauge the situation from Old Europe, depending as he must upon The Guardian which I believe is their version of the New York Times.

Nothing is as cut and dry it seems. Not a damned thing.

Was it ever though?

Thanks to and Pajamas Media for the information.

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