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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thoughts on the anniversary of the illegal alien protests.

I don't know what it's been like in the rest of the country. Here in the Dallas area we were primed for a repeat of last year.

On Saturday there was to be a pep rally downtown of illegal immigrant supporters, all the usual suspects were involved such as LULAC, CAIR, etc.

The overwhelming number of three dozen showed up, due no doubt (as swiftly claimed by one speaker) to fears of ICE targeting whoever was there for possible deportation. Riiiggghhtt!!

Or maybe it was because it took place on a Saturday. Unlike last year when many of the local schools found their classes semi-deserted as students took to the streets. And is it just me or didn't an overwhelming number of the protestors shown in photos from all over the country look awfully young?

So was the low turnout here due to teenagers being too busy doing whatever teens do these days (don't really want to know WHAT they do, probably a good topic for another time)?

The actual anniversary of the school walkout itself was yesterday. All the schools in the area were prepped for it. And the numbers of students hitting the streets was so great you could hear the deafening noise of........

chirping crickets...........

None, nada, zippo, zilch. No story about any students walking out this year. Maybe "mom and dad" were less than impressed to see little Juan and Maria on the front page a year ago. Something about, "You're in school to get an education, not act the fool!!"

That's what I heard on more than one occasion in the sixties, my old man figured children should be seen and not heard. Maybe a lot of "immigrants", illegal or otherwise, would agree with that philosophy.

When the protests went nationwide last year it seemed anyone interviewed was a student somewhere. Again, maybe it was just my mistaken perception. A lot of the sentiments expressed sounded like the sort of inanity only an idealistic teen would have. "Reconquista" comes to mind and yeah I know there are a fair amount of adults who will spout that term. But those adults all seem to be ivory tower intellectuals from the nearest college or race hustlers who make their living off hype and hyperbole. How many blue collar types did we see spouting that crap?

Did a lot of us Anglos just make a boogey man out of a midget?

Don't get me wrong, I think illegal aliens should be deported, anyone who employs them heavily fined and perhaps jailed. When we're not even sure if we have ten million or twenty million illegals in this nation we've got a REAL problem!

So I'm all for actively seeking the illegals, building a border fence WITH THE PERIMETER MINED and doing whatever it takes. 9/11/2001 should have woken us up to the need for tighter security. Yeah, none of the nineteen skyjackers got here illegally but it's all part of the package of homeland security. Seal the frigging borders! NOW!!

But let's not make boogeymen out of midgets. It only makes us look stupid later.

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