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Friday, March 23, 2007

They're not all "Barbie doll beautiful".

The War Department and I were recently discussing the topic of teacher/student "relationships". She feels they're traumatic and damaging to both boys and girls. My take was that girls should be sheltered but boys are men/dogs in training and any sex will be something to brag about, therefore it's not as big a deal. Needless to say, there was no point of agreement in our talk.

But after thinking about the following article, I have to admit she had a point.

Here it is.


Old Gary said...

A woman I dated years ago told me that older women who seek out younger guys are the "manipulating" types who wish to be the "controlling" one in a relationship. And that it was easier to control a younger guy than an older one.

Anonymous said...

I take it the War Dept. is the misses? Anyhoo, in my little town here the teacher/student thing recently happened; my oldest even had this teacher some years back. In discussing it with a sheriff's deputy friend of mine, he stated that they all sat around and talked about how wonderful that would have been for them as teenage boys. Sex is sex, and guys, no matter what their age, is less discriminatory. I had to laugh, this guy and his friends are suppose to be the law enforcers, and they were all fantasizing about this relationship.

Subvet said...

Old Gary,

I knew some guys who would have gotten off on the "controlled by a female" thing. Takes all kinds I guess.


Yep the War Department is the misses. I've gotta ask, what happened to the teacher that your son "had"?

And yes, to most guys sex is sex. Anyone of us who won't plead guilty as charged to that is either gay or a liar.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's still going on. She's in and out of court often. My son never liked her, and my SIL had her as a teacher and cheerleading coach; and never liked her. She was too caught up in the popularity thing; and she was a TEACHER. I guess you never see these things coming; but knowing the little bit that I did about her and the adolescent games she played with the kids, I guess I'm not surprised.

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