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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fox in the henhouse/Muslims in the sub base?

Found this over at Dhimmi Watch.

Aside from the fact it's hard to visualize robed & turbanned Muslims shoveling snow in Norwich, I wonder at their close proximity to both the submarine base and Millstone Nuclear Power Plant.

Before I moved down here from New London there was a flap over a news crew driving their plainly marked van down to the lower base and near the piers that the fast attacks were tied up at. I can only hope that since 9/11/2001 they've tightened things up a bit. At least gotten rid of that dope who wanted an "open base" as part of improving relations with the local community.

But security at that base is a joke, even if they ever DID start monitoring the traffic. The local geography makes it so despite the best efforts of the base command. During my time in Uncle Sugar's canoe club I recall a SEAL team that swam over from the west side of the Thames River and raised Hell on the base for a few days. If memory serves me correctly they took over the USS Whale after tying up the topside watch, took a Marine as a hostage (this was a LONG time ago! Marines no longer guard naval bases.) and in general ran amok. It was all part of an effort to test the security of the base. They were never caught. That particular news bite didn't get too widely circulated for obvious reasons. Like I said, security on that base is a joke.

Now there's a growing Muslim community in the area. With a fair portion of foreign immigrants? Can you say, "sleeper cells"? Sure you can. How many followers of the pedophile prophet will be taking the local boat tours that advertise seeing the subs at the base? Hijack one of those, rendevous with a small boat loaded with explosives and willing "martyrs" and away we go!! 72 virgins, we're on our way!!

Or they could go work on the base itself. Verifying the religion of a job applicant isn't something you'll see done. And not all Muslims are named Mohammed or Achmed or Abdul, etc.

The place is also loaded with bleeding heart liberals that will be more than willing to show their "love of diversity". Let's just use the term "useful idiots". You wouldn't think an area with so much military would have it but trust me, there are folks so left of center up there your eyes will bleed when you listen to the crap they spew. For a taste of it, check out the comments that follow the article I linked to. Great recipe for disaster.

And let's not forget the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant thats just down the road. You can bet others haven't forgotten it.

It just keeps getting better, doesn't it? We are screwed.


Anonymous said...

Base security has significantly tightened up since 9/11, and that's all I say about that.

When I first got here in 2000, however, the guards would shift from the upper base gates to the lower base after evening colors. Vehicles were monitored coming onto the base via CCTV. That's when the news truck came on the base.

Then, when the guards shifted back to the main gates, they drove down the lower base, and "Lights, camera, action!" Big oh shit for the Sub Base.

Subvet said...

LOL, so that's the rest of the story? Always wondered how they pulled that one off.

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