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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Proof of the nanny state...

Here it is...

HOLLIDAYSBURG - Greenfield Township is attempting to force an elderly Claysburg-area couple, Donald R. and Janet Burket, to use township water even though Donald Burket contends the chlorine makes his wife sick.

Donald Burket and his daughter, Wendy, also of Claysburg, were before Blair County Judge Tim Sullivan Monday arguing against a township request for a court order forcing the couple to use township water or face a fine for civil contempt of township ordinance.

The case was before Sullivan in 2008 when he ruled the Burkets must hook into the Greenfield Township water system. His decision was upheld by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

They have done that and they are paying the standard monthly rate for township water, but the Burkets contend that while they are hooked into the system, they should not be required to actually use the water for daily living purposes.

Donald Burket said after the hearing that the township water makes his wife ill, which is why he does not want to be forced to use it.

Senior Judge James R. Kelley stated that even though Janet Burket is apparently sensitive to chemicals, the facts of the case "did not establish a case or rare and extreme medical needs."

The couple crossed swords with the authority in December when it was discovered they were still using well water for their daily needs even though they allegedly obeyed Sullivan's 2008 order that they hook into the system.

Attorney Kathy Mauk, representing the authority, argued Monday that Donald Burket was not in compliance with the township ordinance.

The Burkets are mandated not only to hook into the system but also to use public water "for all human consumption in the residence," the authority contends in court documents.

According to the authority, the water line that was extended into the Bedford Street residence ended at a basement sink. The rest of the house was still being served by a well.

The authority discovered the setup in December and obtained a court order to detach the well and provide water through the township system.

The Burket's attorney, Frederick B. Gieg Jr., told Sullivan Monday that there were only two reasons to attach the Burket's home to the township line: to help pay for the authority's bond issue for the water facilities and to prevent well water from getting into township water lines.

The Burkets are paying the monthly tap-in fee and their well lines do not in any way interconnect to the township line, Gieg said.

"All he wants to do is use his own system," Gieg said in explaining Mr. Burket's side of the story.

Sullivan said it would be about two weeks before he will issue his ruling.

Found via, who would think this could happen in this country?

Not only do they have to tap into the city system and pay a monthly fee, they have to actually use it. No matter WHAT the consequences to their health!

What comes next, a set amount they have to use? I'd guess that just turning on the basement sink faucet won't fly since there's mention of mandating they disconnect from their well.

Pure. Unadulterated. Bullshit.

When I was a kid living on Long Island, N.Y. we had a well. My old man had it put in for God only knows what reason (He was a "character" to say the least). It wasn't like we were in the boondocks, it was one of the Levittown-like developments that sprang up after WWII. One of the types where every house looked basically the same. "Cookie-cutter style" is the derogatory description my wife's stepmother would use. We were smack dab in the middle, like I said it wasn't the boondocks.

I'd guess that well would be illegal as a football bat these days.

I used to wonder about militias and the folks who joined them. Not so much the past twenty years. Now I wonder what sort of government list of potential troublemakers I'm on.

I wish that was a joke. It isn't.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

It is bad enough that the federal government is running our lives and mandating what we must purchase, but damn, when the States and local governments start doing the same thing to us, one cannot help but wonder if we are living in one huge prison.

MightyMom said...

so are they gonna say no one's allowed to buy bottled water for consumption anymore?

after all the mandate says they must "use public water "for all human consumption in the residence," "


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